A look at the action at the EPT Paris

After a seven-year absence, Paris is once again hosting the European Poker Tour (EPT). While this year’s London event was a bigger success than the previous one, the organizer was nonetheless obliged to issue an official apology due to several unsettling incidents.

The Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile, where the series is held, is not well suited to host events of this magnitude. Participants complained that there wasn’t enough room during registration, and that waiting in line through the crowded hallways was a major inconvenience.

The €1,100 entry fee for the FPS Paris Main Event was the last straw. On the day of 1C, when people showed up to sign up, they were informed there were no more spots available.

“Neither we nor our players had a satisfactory experience, and for that we are genuinely sorry. If there are issues, it is all our fault and we will work to fix them “The coordinator made a remark.

Even on Day 1A and Day 1B, players were pushed to sign up for the Main Event, a possible indication that there wouldn’t be enough tables for the festival’s featured tournament.

Viewpoint of Chris Brewer.

Many of European and American poker pros were there, but it was Chris Brewer who really made waves by winning EPT Paris twice in the span of a week.

Chris won €357,180 after placing first in the inaugural €25,000 tournament, beating out 43 other competitors. A few days later, he triumphed in a 50,000 Euro tournament with 68 entrants. Chris received €959,520, the largest prize ever for a young American, and his first seven-figure sum of money outside of online gambling (in USD terms).

Finals in Russia

A large number of Russian speakers attended the Paris stop of the European poker tour, although they have only made it to the final tables a handful of occasions. Yakov Nesterov had the best performance, placing fourth and winning $131,950 (€25,000).

Nikita Kuznetsov was another notable figure. He entered the Mystery Bounty final for €10,200 and came in 8th, winning €17,250. The small rewards were boosted by “mystery envelopes,” from which Nikita drew an additional €65,000.


  • The text discusses the return of the European Poker Tour to Paris after a seven-year absence. It highlights some organizational issues and apologizes for the inconvenience caused to participants. It also mentions the success of Chris Brewer, who won two tournaments in a week, as well as the performance of Russian-speaking players at the event.

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