ACR Poker is maintaining its reward system

ACR Poker is maintaining its reward system

With elite benefits, ACR Poker has found the ideal way to reward its most loyal users. It will continue in the same way through 2023 so everyone can continue to enjoy its benefits.

This reward system is considered one of the most profitable in the poker ecosystem because of the many benefits to those who play the most. The theme chosen by ACR is like a military competition, and the clothing is about the front line. All players start at the rank of Lieutenant and progress through achieving certain goals until they reach the nickname 5th – Star – Average, with the highest retribution.

The problem is as follows: Lieutenants start adding 1 rating point for each combat point. Since they are the lowest tier, their only benefit is the ability to redeem points for cash. However, once they accumulate 750 RP, they advance to the next rank.

Other ranks are Captain, Major, Colonel, General and Five-Star General. The higher your level, the bigger the rewards and bonuses. Benefits include cash bonuses, exclusive freerolls, the chance to get higher multipliers for easier rankings, and other great promotions and contests for every level.

Do you want to know more? Then you can enter here, where you will remove all doubts, soldiers, it’s time to go to battle!

ACR Poker is maintaining its reward system

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  • I think the text is well-written and effectively highlights the elite benefits and rewards offered by ACR Poker to its most loyal users. The military-themed reward system with different ranks and increasing benefits adds an exciting element to the game.

  • Hoppe.bernice

    I think the elite benefits offered by ACR Poker sound like a great way to reward loyal users. The progression system based on military ranks adds an interesting theme to the promotion.

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