Alex Scott, Global Director of the WPT, talks to us exclusively.

In 2022, WPT Global is a huge innovation for online poker. We reached out to Alex Scott, the room’s new CEO, to inquire about their future plans, ecological poker support initiatives, and efforts to combat cheating.

Alex Scott, CEO of WPT Global, was recently interviewed exclusively.

Come again to online poker

Excuse me, Mr. Scott. We value this chance to reconnect with you. You were the director of MPN’s poker division the last time we spoke, but you apparently left that position shortly before MPN’s poker division shut down. How do you feel about getting back into online poker after a long absence?

Alex Scott (AS): Working in fintech was a lot of fun, and I picked up some useful new skills, but I always knew I’d end up back in poker. For a long time, this game has been one of my greatest loves, and I still hope to make a significant impact on it.

I never expected to return so soon, but the chance to lead the group was too good to pass up via my work with WPT Global.

How closely related is your prior work experience to the gambling sector?

Poker players and the investors (in stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc.) I used to work with have many similarities.

Successful people have a common belief that they will be rewarded for their efforts to study and work hard in a highly competitive sector. They are able to keep their feelings in check. Students need to know how to handle money, whether it’s their own or money they’ve invested.

In addition, I have devoted a lot of time to the field of cyber security. It’s like a constant arms race between the cheats and the SB in poker and the stock market. In both circumstances, the stakes in this contest are quite high.

Is there anything special about WPT Global?

Let’s discuss WPT Global now. Why did you decide to take an interest in this endeavor?

I’ve seen a lot of poker startups come and go, and they rarely leave a lasting impression. They often fail to account for the full extent of what it takes to get started in online poker. The pressure to create cutting-edge programs, woo customers, foil cheaters, navigate tricky regulations, fend off rivals, etc. while turning a profit simultaneously.

Making a name for itself in a crowded marketplace is the biggest challenge facing every online poker site.

In my opinion, WPT Global has a fantastic shot at success:

Is there going to be an expansion of the lobby games available on WPT Global?

We do have a plan, of course. There are various unique game types and other elements that have never been seen before. However, we cannot discuss our plans at this time.

Ecosystem poker and dirty tricks.

WSOP Money List Worldwide.

When it comes to protecting the poker ecosystem and ensuring fair play, what steps is WPT Global doing (or preparing to take)?

Two of poker’s main issues, which have intrigued me about the WPT Global concept, are:

We use the same approach to solving these connected issues. Our machine learning-based skill prediction algorithm is one of a kind. It can immediately tell whether you’re a pro or a beginner, how close you are to using a GTO approach, etc.

Our mission is to ensure that all recreational cash game players may find games with other like-minded individuals. To ensure that everyone has a good time, we restrict the number of high-stakes players at each table.

In addition, we have strategies for identifying games that is not human-run. Once upon a time, metrics like average session length and response times could be used to accurately identify bots. We have developed efficient ways for determining whether participants have the same RTA or automation software.

But, the benefit of utilizing signals or bots only happens when your opponents don’t do the same, thus in theory, we could pair cheaters with each other instead of banning them. I doubt the poker community would embrace this strategy, but it would be an even bigger deterrent than the prospect of confiscation and the greatest method to make sure that ordinary players aren’t negatively impacted by the usage of such software.

Working in teams and the blockchain

GNPT Avatars for the World Poker Tour

Does it make sense to have just one table for the client to play on? When will it be possible to use several eybunches?

Until recently, multiteybling was not a top concern for us since our product was initially designed for mobile devices. That’ll be changing in the not-too-distant future.

The use of Chinese currency in WPT Global games is a major selling point. When it comes to the Asian market, how does WPT Global fit in? I was wondering whether there were any local strategic alliances. Furthermore, would the client have the option to change the interface currency?

Having high liquidity in cash games from the get-go was made possible by our partnership with a large Asian poker operator, as I indicated previously. You may have noticed that in addition to renminbi games, we also offer games in U.S. dollars. As our pool grows, we fully intend to increase the number of games offered in U.S. dollars. In the future, we may be able to use other currencies.

To what end does WPT Global look to the NFT world and the multiverse?

We are working with Gamavrs to expand into the cryptocurrency and NFT spaces since we know that many of our gamers are interested in these areas.

Soon, we plan to streamline the process of sending and receiving payments in crypto assets on NFT Poker Hero. The latter consists of a great deal more than just a token on a blockchain. It’s like joining a private club that will get you discounts and invites to play against A-list poker pros at the WPT Global in the future.

Alex, you’ve provided a wealth of valuable insight; thank you. Hopefully, this was not the last time we get to interview you. We hope everything works well for you and the WPT Global team!


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  • Overall, the text discusses the future plans and initiatives of WPT Global, a company in the online poker industry. It includes an interview with Alex Scott, the CEO of WPT Global, who discusses his return to online poker after working in fintech and his prior experience in the gambling sector. Scott also highlights the challenges and potential success of WPT Global in a crowded marketplace. The text mentions the company’s plans for expanding the lobby games available and its efforts to protect the poker ecosystem and combat cheating through machine learning algorithms and strategies for identifying bots. The text ends by mentioning the possibility of pairing cheaters with each other as a deterrent.

    The text provides insights into WPT Global’s approach and potential innovations in the online poker industry. It highlights the CEO’s passion for poker and the company’s focus on ensuring fair play and a positive gaming experience. However, it raises questions about the potential controversial strategy of pairing cheaters with each other. Overall, the text presents a positive outlook for WPT Global and its future prospects in the online poker industry.

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    I think this text provides some interesting insights into the future plans and initiatives of WPT Global in the online poker industry. The interview with Alex Scott, the CEO of WPT Global, gives a glimpse into his background and how it relates to the gambling sector. It’s also intriguing to learn about the company’s focus on ecological poker support initiatives and efforts to combat cheating through machine learning algorithms and identifying bots. Overall, it seems like WPT Global is taking a proactive approach to creating a fair and enjoyable online poker experience for its users.

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