An additional week of the Black Diamond Poker Open

A new week of the Black Diamond Poker Open, Bodog’s premier event, which will reward $12 million till March 25 begins. This is how the next day will unfold.

A new Black Diamond Poker Open week

Bodog’s Black Diamond Poker Open is at its peak. On Monday, a new week will begin, and various competitions will be played.

On its path to reaching the $12 million that the festival promised, seven tournaments beginning early in the morning will begin play today. The event that will award $4,000 in prize money will begin at 6:12 ET*. Event #74, the first PKO of the day, will take place one hour later.

Then there will be a break, followed by another KO event with $15,000 in prize money beginning at 18:12 ET*. Event #77 will be the centerpiece of the day, with a guaranteed prize pool of $57,000 and a minimum KO of $77, which will climb as you remove opponents.

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