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Scotsman cracks Irish Poker Open after winning PokerStars satellite

The new coronavirus pandemic has forced the Irish Poker Open to reinvent itself. Following partypoker’s online version, the Championship in partnership with PokerStars, and via satellites on the site, Scotland’s David Docherty won his Main Event package.

He then sailed across the Irish Sea to Dublin, ruining the party for the local players. For his unprecedented victory, the pro won €365,000, just over $1.9 million.

The Main Event saw a record 2,491 entrants across four qualifying rounds. As finals day began, Docherty came out of the CL with the bottom five in chips. He came to the FT despite the odds and pulled out at the right time to win.

Leading 2-1 in a duel with Declan Rice, Doherty struggled to finish the last Irishman on the pitch. In the final hand, the Scot found K♥10♥ and called his opponent’s all-in. With J♠2♣ advantage, Rice even took the lead on the flop of 8♥6♣2♦, but the 8♣ turn and 6♠ river sealed his defeat.

A total of €2,428,725 was distributed to 312 participants in the Main Event. Manoel Assunção, the only Brazilian to have completed the ITM race, was awarded €2,235 for his 235th place finish. See how much each finalist earned:

1. David Docherty (Scotland) $365,000

2. Declan Rice (Ireland) €228,700

3. Panagiotis Mavritsakis (Greece) €161,500

4. Tom Waters (England) $124,500

5. Andy Black (Ireland) 95,500 euros

6. Eugeniu Barbaros (Moldova) 73,500 euros

7. Carl Shaw (Ireland) $56,500

8. Henry Ojala (Finland) 43,500 euros

9. Jamie Wynne (Ireland) €33,500

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CardPlayer magazine’s cover featuring Nacho Barbero.

Cover model, Nacho Barbero of CardPlayer

The Argentine is now experiencing a terrific time, so much so that he is included in the main interview of one of the most well-known poker sites in the world.

You can’t stop him. Better than ever before. If winning the LAPT three times wasn’t enough, José Ignacio Barbero also won a bracelet in the World Series of Poker. Perhaps surpassing the accomplishments of yesteryear, the famous Nacho has been setting new records in every game his chips have entered. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the experts single him out as CardPlayer.

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The 147th episode of these legendary postcasts is narrated by a guy who was born in Campana 41 years ago and has been living in Buenos Aires for the last decade, where he has been the voice of the Poker Tales cycle.

“a world-class card player who toured the globe long before he discovered poker,” is how Barbero is introduced to the reader. As a young adult, the Argentinian learned to play Magic: The Gathering and quickly rose to head the national team.

The next part of the narrative explains that “Barbero, after six years as a Magic pro, made the transition to poker.” In 2010, he had his breakout year, winning the EPT London High Roller for over $900,000 and two of the three Latin American Poker Tour titles he had previously won. In the years following, he has maintained a record of constant success despite taking part in some of the highest stakes cash games in the world.

Recently, Nacho triumphed in the PGT PLO Series.

Barbero’s success on the mat in the last year has been remarkable. He won his first gold bracelet and $587,000 in the World Series of Poker in the summer. Later, in February, he achieved a career-high placing of fourth at the PokerStars Players Championship, earning himself $1.55 million. Barbero is now in first position for Card Player Player of the Year 2023 after his successes in the Triton Vietnam Series, where he won first and second place for a total of $1.06 million, and the PokerGO PLO Series.

The English-language conversation will feature nacho reminiscing about his life as a professional poker player, including his first online poker session, his first live tournament win, his poker sponsorship, how to make live reads, a crypto disaster, his comeback, a big mistake at the final table, and a $500, 000 jackpot from a multiflight lottery.

The first actions you must conduct in Bodog

The first actions you must conduct at Bodog

New gamers to the game may participate in tournaments designed just for them at Bodog. There are more paid tickets available for less money. Have a look at them here.

New poker players often have no idea what a lengthy and arduous journey it takes to make it as a professional player. Yet, if one makes a decent beginning, more players will attempt it and not give up at the first difficulty they encounter. That’s why Bodog developed the Sit & Go Newbie in the first place.

All the standard SNG features are included in these games, but the paytable is adjusted to favor newcomers so as to increase participation. While it’s always nice to watch the bankroll rise, the rewards are naturally smaller than in a standard Sit & Go.

With Beginner, new players may take their initial steps confidently and build a larger bankroll before moving on to Bodog’s other SNGs, which you can learn more about below.


Qualifying events let players to enter larger tournaments with a reduced financial commitment.


This is a faster-paced competition than the average speed tournament. The time it takes for the lights to come on will decrease, and the anticipation will rise. Multi-tabling in this format looks fantastic, too.

For further effect, double this:

The proverbial “fifty-fifty” split. Ten people sit down at a table, but only five of them will leave with some cash if they’ve scored. Avoiding elimination is key to double your money in this competition.

Triple Play:

Similar to the last one, but just a third of participants will need to invest three times as much to win.

Turbo Charged:

These Sit & Go tournaments are Bodog’s quickest options. This event is ideal if you’re short on time yet still want to compete.

Warn You:

A head-to-head confrontation is the pinnacle of drama. Here, not only does money matter, but so does honor.

Sixth place for Ignacio Morón ($250,521) in the Main Event of the GGPoker Super Million$ Week

The flagship tournament on GGPoker’s regular schedule is the main event of Super Million$ Week, the festival that bears its own name. Five wallet-full outfits are guaranteed thanks to the participation of 776 players .

For this particular edition, GGPoker has looked for an equally good commentator, Daniel Cates , who will be able to comment on the matches of Pedro Gragnani, Simon Mattson, Joao Vieira or the Spanish high stakes player, our all-rounder Ignacio . idiot .

As we expected in yesterday’s draft game script, Pedro Garagnani was going to abuse his stack as long as short stacks Joao Vieira and Ivan Deyra remained at the table.

Best of all for us, Nacho Morón was knocked out twice, but our joy was shattered by two rather cruel hands. In the only hand where Ignacio could start with JJ, Nino Ullman reraised all-in with KK, then Garagnani tried to steal with 84s, and the Spaniard called with KQ.

An all-out rage resulted in $250,000 , not bad even for five cases for his usual level of Nacho.

Garagnani was about to end his monologue, but he missed the biggest bluff of the match, allowing Ukraine’s Luybovetsky to take first place. The Brazilian continued to drop in chips until he found himself third in a trio against Luybovetsky and Tomas Jozonis .

Fortunately, Garagnani hit the crucial strike against the Ukrainian and was singled out with his own benefactor. The second prize is already the largest Pedro has ever won in a poker tournament, and it must have been a consolation when Lyubovetsky flopped a triple flop after Pedro called an all-in with top pair .

  1. Andrey Lyubovitsky $1,184,696.
  2. Pedro Galagnani $913,902
  3. “CoronaMyAss” by Tomas Jozoni $705,145
  4. Nino Ullmann “Babsi3000” $544,171
  5. Duco Ten Haven $420,044
  6. Simon Matteson $324,328
  7. Ignacio Moren $250,521
  8. Joao Vieira $193,608
  9. Ivan Deyra “ReCreatineMood” – $149,722

Satellite to the KSOP GGPoker Special provides six slots.

Many players are using satellites to the KSOP GGPoker Special in order to secure their seats and a piece of the $5,000,000 prize pool. So far, 38 packages and 15 seats for the Main Event have been issued.

On Thursday (16), the second $55 buy-in qualification drew 90 entrants, boosting the amount of guaranteed seats from three to six, further demonstrating the popularity of GGPoker’s satellites.

Bruno Ramos, also known as “Zika,” from Full Poker Team was one of the qualifiers. The winner of 2021 from Rio Grande do Sul qualified with the account “B Z R” and will head to Balneário Cambori in pursuit of a personal best score.

The runner-up in the Main Event of the Fortaleza 2022 stage, William Oliveira, has also confirmed his participation. The player known as “Uncle Scrooge” or “tiltducKKK” is a frequent participant in satellites to the KSOP GGPoker and was successful once again.

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GGPoker is the official sponsor of the KSOP; create an account, participate in satellites for event spots, and use the site’s grid.

Jhonatan Saenz “EL PODEROSO”, “RHunicorniu”, Jonathan Rosa “GOAT7” who had previously secured a package, and Yuri Lopes “Yuri-Lopes” are the other fortunate players who qualified for the premier event of the Brazilian poker circuit through the GGPoker site.

The qualifying players have earned the buy-in to the R$3,500 Main Event, which has a guaranteed prize pool of R$5,000,000. The KSOP GGPoker Special will take place from April 20-30 at the Expo Centro in Balneário Cambori.

Examine the nine qualifications:

Bruno Ramos “B Z R”

Jhonatan Saenz “EL PODEROSO”


Jonathan Rosa “GOAT7”

Yuri Lopes “Yuri-Lopes”

William Oliveira is a “tiltducKK” user.

“Mr. Elon” wins $139,000 after beating the KOSS SHR.

During this, the third annual KOSS, the temperature of the action never drops. After a spectacular run on Sunday, Suprema Brazil returned yesterday with a slew of smash singles.

$3,000 No Limit in Round 99 “Mr. Elon” won $139,838 in the Hold ’em Mystery Bounty tournament after eliminating 147 opponents.

$ 1,000 NL in Event 102 “SONSERINA1” won the Hold’em High Roller and took first place. He won R$45,179 as first place in a tournament with 246 entrants.

These are some of the other KOSS awardees:

For R$220, NL Hold’em Event 100 (1,354 entries)

The winning ticket was a whopping R$32,602 and was titled “M#D#A.”

Tournament #101: $75.0 No-Limit Hold’em (2,008 entries)

Night of Crime, with a prize of R$11,809

The $550 PL Omaha 5 Card Event 103 (207 entries)

This round’s winner, “nantompampoo,” takes home R$32,413

In the Bounty Builder Series, Amauri Gulchinski placed second.

Brazilian poker continues to be one of the main highlights in the disputes of the Bounty Builder Series on PokerStars. On Thursday (16) there were several important results there and the biggest one was from Amauri Gulchinski, from CardRoom Poker Team.

Commanding his account “Amauri410”, the professional was runner-up among the 1,313 entrants in Event #111-L ($215 Thursday Thrill) after hours of play. As a reward, Amauri secured a handsome $21,981.

Meanwhile, in Event #109-H ($530 Bounty Builder HR), which had a total field of 300 entries, Brazil had two representatives in the FT. The best place was Victor Pertile, “Per.V7”, from The Team. He pocketed $12,784 for third place. “neverstandard” was fourth and pulled in $8,632.

Finally, in Event #107 (US$55 8-Max DeepStack), where 2,182 entries were recorded, Brazil had two representatives on the podium. Luciano Hollanda, aka “Luciano S.H.” was runner-up and won $9,240. While “tzzex” was third and won $ 4,253.

He took the pizza box ploy and used it to steal a casino.

He took a pizza box on his casino robbery.

The odd Scottish setting and undertones didn’t detract from the expected incarceration resolution.

In Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, a man was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison for using a pizza box to plot the theft of a casino that earned him £48,000 in cash and gaming chips. Hassan Fallah, the guilty guy, was a client at a casino in Genting when he committed the assault and robbery. He had purchased a huge reconnaissance knife and a tactical face mask online before carrying them out.

Police discovered the pizza box, together with a notepad and laptop, in Fallah’s hostel room in Edinburgh after he was arrested in connection with a raid on the Genting Casino in Fountain Park. The pizza box was covered in notes from the robber, who planned his getaway and wrote, “Here, change, become a place to be anonymous: hoodie, mask + face mask before razor, change clothing, escape plan.” He also created a “how much money do I truly need” wish list filled with luxury stuff.

Several instances of “stealing” and “won’t get caught, remain under budget” were also found in his writing. ‘I have to conceal the money, don’t boast too much, don’t spend it in shops,’ he wrote in a notepad. He also said that the tokens might be buried and that the money would not be held at the shelter.

He did it, right? At least none of the stolen goods have been located as of yet.

During the heist, Fallah, 23, flashed the huge knife and threatened another worker with it before making off with cash and chips. He then forced an employee to unlock a locked door to enter the casino.

“This was a premeditated and targeted robbery with the use of a weapon and took place four months after he was released from jail on a 13-month term,” said assistant attorney Louise Beattie. The earlier convictions for stealing, weapon possession, racist abuse, violence, and spitting on security officials led to Fallah’s incarceration.

Another heist from the casino

The robber confessed to attacking Ignacio Perez with a knife on August 9, 2021 at the Genting Casino, demanding that Perez unlock a locked door so that he could grab a mobile phone.

He also confessed to attacking another worker named Murray Brake, flashing the weapon at him, demanding money, going behind the counter, and taking £7,345 in cash and £40,800 in casino chips.

After the heist, Farah was identified by casino personnel, and police were called to his apartment, where they discovered £195 in cash, among other stuff, as well as a laptop with the search terms “Genting Edinburgh,” “casino robbery,” and “casino anti surveillance” on it. Fallah refused to speak with police after his detention.

With 35 more spots up for grabs, Day 1B leaves Cristian Franco in the driver’s seat.

Day 1B saw greater action at the Winamax Poker Tour Grand Final, which was to be anticipated. The data bears this out: the 218 entries from today add up to 337 from yesterday. With the additional 45 submissions from day 1C turbo, from which 8 qualified, we could easily have over 1,000 participants.

A Coruan named Cristian Franco finished the day with 702 points, making him the leader. Three players were eliminated at once, causing the bubble to burst, and leaving 35 players still in the tournament. The 35 qualifying piles look like this:

Cristian Franco 702,000 points.

Mantas Zobiela 570,000.

Kevin Ferrer 553,000.

Gremillon Moxenca 537,000.

Antonio Diéguez 521,000.

Iban Cortázar 465,000.

George Chiriac 440,000.

Christopher Marcodet 437,000.

Guillermo Gordo 416,000.

David Gran 05,000.

Emilio Navarro 401,000.

Alain Lenmann 352,000.

Ignacio Grao 333,000.

Alvaro Alvarez 322,000.

Mario Rodriguez 321,000.

Jorge García 302,000.

Ramon Fernandez 261,000.

Oscar Gironella 260,000.

Bruno Pombo 258,000.

Baptiste Bensadi 256,000.

Gabriel Corral 252,000.

Mario Avila 249,000.

Telusca Dmal 237,000.

Enrique Lago 235,000.

Paulo Simoes 216,000.

Leo Margets 213,000.

Pablo Alvear 183,000.

Benjamin Garcia 169,000.

Sergii Sakhanov 147,000.

Naegel Esteban 142,000.

Andre Dias 87,000.

Franchi Malcom 87,000.

José Benedí 84,000.

Cesar Seco 78,000.

Raul Gordo 60,000.

Leo Margets was on excellent terms when he departed Team Pro.

The Winamax Poker Tour final standings are shown below. Just go ahead and tap this link.

The final table of the Battle Royal was played yesterday, and José Salazar “tiosala” (€5,500) emerged victorious.

A new entry in the Triton series

The current Triton Poker series in Vietnam is setting records. The stage has already become the most attended in the history of the festival after only a few days. There were 166 participants in the inaugural GG Super Millions tournament. This was a series high point.

Yet, it lasted barely a few days. Already on Saturday, the buy-in for the Mystery Bounty tournament surpassed $20,000, setting a new record of 179 registrants. The event created a great deal of interest since envelopes containing unidentified prizes were available for drawing at the conclusion of the competition.

Mark Rubbathan, an ACR poker room streamer, won the event. He participated in an unique campaign that awarded him $100,000 in Triton buy-in and extra bonuses for coming in top. To achieve his objective, he spent 14 hours each day grinding and accumulating the necessary amount of points.

The effort to go to Vietnam was not in useless, as he won $240,000 in prize money for winning the event and knocked out ten opponents, allowing him to choose ten random gifts.

The Turkish poker pro won the top prize of $250,000, while Mark won $396,00, bringing his total payout to $636,000.

The whole “elite” of the high-stakes poker world participated in the event, including Jason Kuhn, Ike Haxton, Steven Chidwick, Justin Bonomo, Fedor Holtz, Eric Seidel, Artur Martirosyan, and Viktor Malinovsky, who were unable to reach the prizes.

The second event with a buy-in of $30,000 attracted a similarly remarkable field of 171 participants. At the same time, registrations for the more expensive event totaled only 139. Nonetheless, this is much higher than on the PokerGO Tour, where tournaments are far less expensive than on Triton Poker.

The poker community will learn about private cash games a few months after the conclusion of the festival, during which the best players will continue to compete in high-stakes tournaments for a full week. There are two more $100,000 tournaments on the horizon, as well as private cash games that will be announced a few months after the conclusion of the festival.

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