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Casino chips and collectibles exhibit.

The WSOP will once again host a commemorative casi...

Thousands of amateurs are expected to attend this year’s World Series, with entry fees as low as $300, making it one of the largest events in decades. Over the next two and a half weeks, PokerOK will sell at least 600 holiday packages. Both the ACR and WSOP Room offer similar specials.

The annual auction of casino and poker memorabilia is another good motivation for visiting Sin City. For the 30th time, visitors to the Casino Chips and Collectibles Expo will have the opportunity to engage with a piece of gaming history.

Artifacts from various museums will be posted there. Some everyday objects are given historical significance, such as dice, cards, matchboxes, slot machines, chips, glass holders, ashtrays and roulette wheels.

Nearly fifty vendors will have items for sale this year at bid auctions. You can buy most of what you need. However, some of them will be on display so visitors can study the casino’s past.

The South Point Casino will host the exhibition June 15-17. Admission is $5 or $10 on other days, but on June 17, admission is free for all.

The Casino Chip and Collectibles Association, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the collection of gaming-related artifacts, runs the event. The World Series of Poker and other summer events sometimes overlap with the annual casino chip and collectible show. Several celebrities have participated in this poker tournament, making it a fan favorite.

Players such as Linda Johnson and Ian Fisher played in the poker room. Among them, Fame will be there in 2021 to meet fans and sign autographs.

The WSOP will once again host a commemorative casi...

Renan Aziz crashed the river and was eliminated from Event 13 of the WSOP Spring Circuit.

Renan Aziz crashed the river and was eliminated fr...

Another decision regarding the WSOP Spring Circuit was made without Brazil participating. None of the six Brazilian players finished in the top 10 of this year’s Hold’em 6-Max tournament heading into Wednesday’s final day of Event 13: $800 NLH.

Renan Aziz is playing for his national team ‘s shining star. The “TempoRuim” account holder made it into the top 15, earning $9,852. Just minutes before Nicolas “Mcdanadinho” Coppini was eliminated, he suffered the same treatment.

Portuguese player Andre Marques tortured the two of them. The Brazilian big man defeated Nicolas’ 104A9A hand with an AJ to 99 flip.

Andre stole everything from Renan in the next round chips. Here’s what happened:

Renan started with a 20,000 ante. The bet is in a game with blinds of 80,000/160,000 and André pays the big blind. Renan called a 270,600 continuation bet on a flop of 8Q9. Andre decided to continue betting to see the 10 on the turn. Andre check-raised all-in while Renan bet 680,600 in the middle of the table. Renan gave KJ 24 BBs and handed over the payment. Andre dominated with K5 and got a 6 on the decisive river.

Renan Aziz crashed the river and was eliminated fr...

Roberto Perez takes the podium at Triton London but is ejected from HU by champion Ole Schemion

Roberto Perez takes the podium at Triton London bu...

Champion Ole Schemion

The London Triton Poker Series continued to grab the headlines thanks to a strong performance from the Spaniard.

Three entrants Juan Pardo, Ignacio Morón and Roberto Perez had regular chances for a place in the final in just four matches. They have all failed miserably so far. Juan was the first to go bust, and Ignacio went down before his unofficial FT was settled.

Looks like Event #5 50k $8-Max will be a new FT opportunity to bid

Fortunately, Roberto Perez was on the flop and found a way to stay in the middle of the tournament until he got FT to reach No. five.

Let the fuck go 🔱🔱

— roberdb92 (@pgroberto) July 2023 31st

Unlike the final table before this festival, where pressure from the blinds and a shortage of effective chips resulted in numerous lead changes, in this tournament, two factors worked against Parida had a very large impact. Linear fashion boot.

First, Ole Schemion emerged as absolute ruler of the leaderboard, winning at the right time the pot needed to thwart the coup attempt. Equally important was the presence of Vietnam’s Dao Minh Phu in the game, with his wide range, aggressive, Asian bravado and showmanship keeping everyone in suspense, waiting to catch up. They were in an uproar.

Roberto waited patiently for an opportunity to grab the chips that Phu seemed to offer his opponent every few hands. His best pick came on the third table when he flopped a set of fours. He set the trap, checking heads-up on every street, allowing Phu to hit his best pair of aces on the turn, but the Eastern player exited the fight almost unscathed and opted for a small bet when the aces fell.

Phu and Rober’s stacks reached the all-in or fold stage, but Phu’s delivery failed. The lovable Vietnamese player’s lively style of play has already proven his worth and brought him a win when Triton visited his country, where he also knows how to perfectly qualify for HU.

With no further chances for chips, Roberto found himself with KQ and was ahead of the German’s range when Schemion offered him an extra blind of SB. He checked and found himself ruled by AK. Roberto left a lot of money on the table, but that doesn’t change the fact that he took home $604,000 for third place, far more than the third-place prize. The cash specialist has won every live tournament he’s played so far.

Ole soon found himself in an all-in between the aces, the leading reigning kicker, securing the Tritons’ first million dollar prize which was handed out during this visit to London, This is by no means their last.

Roberto’s finale lasted so long that the last players involved didn’t even think about registering for the next registration event, #6 $60,000 7-Max. Juan Pardo also did not show up, leaving Moron as the sole representative of La Roja. Ignacio sees early exit as it’s not his day The Spaniard was largely absent for the game.

Out of 104 players, 32 were eliminated, led by Ambassador and High Roller Circuit current POY Jason Koon .

Roberto Perez takes the podium at Triton London bu...

Barbero and 4 other players should be on the radar in the second half of 2023

Barbero and 4 other players should be on the radar...

It’s been a very interesting year for the poker world. A few players are leading the way in this auspicious scene, with the region’s best representative Nacho Barbero standing out.

PokerGO in turn positions itself not only as a premium streaming platform but also organizing multi-series tournaments and attractive , an interesting ranking of the top professionals.

As the Triton Series unfolds, PokerMasters 2023 is getting closer to WSOP 2023The PGT Leaderboard for the PokerGO Tour is changing, so created a list of five players to watch for the second half of the season.

Nacho Barbero

Declared as “The Year of Nacho Barbero”, the Argentine breaks through 2023 with success in PGT events and other high roller tournaments. His impressive victories in the PGT Mixed Games $25,500 10-Event Tournament and Event #3 $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha made him a worthy second-round One of the players to watch is halfway through 2023. We also have to add his most recent win, the largest for a Latin player at Triton Series London Event #7, for $3,445,807.

The Argentine appears determined to maintain his place in the PGT Top 40 and secure his place in the $1M freeroll, starting fromto secure the PGT Championship.

Phil Hellmuth

After a successful US Poker Open in 2023, his first PGT title and a record 17 tournaments . The so-called “Poker Kid” scored 1,304 in the 2023 PGT season. With his best season yet, Hellmuth is also eligible for the PGT Championship and the PGT Player of the Year

Barbero and 4 other players should be on the radar...

BSOP: Renan Bruschi overtakes Léo Rizzo in 2-day HR

Renan Bruschi bluffs and tricks Léo Rizzo in a tal...

The game didn’t end at the BSOP Winter Millions, with many big names taking part in the 2-day high roller, a R$10,000 buy-in tournament that kicked off Thursday night. Of course, due to the smaller and more segmented players, it’s normal to have a lot of debate in this type of competition.

One of the funniest tables sits Renan Bruschi and Léo Rizzo, the protagonists’ first-hand chatter that ends in bravado. The hand was played at 400/800 blinds, starting at “8°” and called “Internett93o”.

The “Mayor” from Paraná goes all-in from UTG. The table was in effect until Renan Bruschi raised the hijack to 3,500 chips. Léo Rizzo looked at the card on the button and said, “Insta call”. The blind folded and the guy from Pala called all-in.

The flop came and the mayor checked. Renan bets 4,000 and is called by Léo Rizzo. Another player folds. The turn brought a card and doubled it. Bruschi continued aggressively, betting 15,000 in chips.

Within seconds, Rizzo raised to 40,000 in chips. Renan used the time bank and moved all-in for 73,500 chips. As Léo squirmed, Renan Bruschi started talking to him: “I’ve got you eighth.” The legendary player from Sao Paulo folded and saw the “Internet93o” bluff.

Of course, Renan didn’t pass up the chance to try “Oitavo” and he went all-in in the dark and was eliminated. Bruschi also said he was sure he would win and that his flush draw was good.

Renan Bruschi bluffs and tricks Léo Rizzo in a tal...

Matias Chervin at the final table of the French Poker Series

Matias Chervin at the final table of the French Po...

Argentine Matias Chervin reached his tenth final table in the French Poker Series at the Stade Jean-Bouin in Paris.

The No. . 1 FPS Cup took place with 1,591 entries worth €330 (US$370) and a prize pool of €458,208 (US$513,976). Mathias finished seventh, winning €11,150 ($12,507).

He had a solid 2023 with 16 cashes, 10 final tables and 2 titles for a profit of $142,823. In February, he made two final tables on the Foz do Iguaçu Poker Tour, in March he won a side event at the LAPT Rio de Janeiro and a Super High Roller event at CAP Buenos Aires, and at the end of June he won a 3rd place K in Malta Cup with $18.4.

Matias Chervin at the final table of the French Po...

ACR Poker is maintaining its reward system

ACR Poker is maintaining its reward system

With elite benefits, ACR Poker has found the ideal way to reward its most loyal users. It will continue in the same way through 2023 so everyone can continue to enjoy its benefits.

This reward system is considered one of the most profitable in the poker ecosystem because of the many benefits to those who play the most. The theme chosen by ACR is like a military competition, and the clothing is about the front line. All players start at the rank of Lieutenant and progress through achieving certain goals until they reach the nickname 5th – Star – Average, with the highest retribution.

The problem is as follows: Lieutenants start adding 1 rating point for each combat point. Since they are the lowest tier, their only benefit is the ability to redeem points for cash. However, once they accumulate 750 RP, they advance to the next rank.

Other ranks are Captain, Major, Colonel, General and Five-Star General. The higher your level, the bigger the rewards and bonuses. Benefits include cash bonuses, exclusive freerolls, the chance to get higher multipliers for easier rankings, and other great promotions and contests for every level.

Do you want to know more? Then you can enter here, where you will remove all doubts, soldiers, it’s time to go to battle!

ACR Poker is maintaining its reward system

AGATA_BOGATA Win Monday’s Battle Royale at Winamax

AGATA_BOGATA Win Monday's Battle Royale at Winamax

Yesterday, Winamax .fres hosted a Regular Tournament and a Mini WSOP event.

Focus during the period MondayA total of 24five-digit grand prize tournaments were organized and awarded in France Received €547,000bonus.

4 races brought the winners prize money worth more than 6,000 euros.

  • AGATA_BOGATA” won € 200 Battle Royale and won the biggest prize of the day: €8,480. 84.
  • t1m3t0crush” conquered the 50€ prime time and won 7€, 415. 39.
  • C0rnFlaKe” has 6€,832. 41 for winning the €250 High Roller.
  • And “apts23” won the Mini WSOP 94 (€6,000.12).

Regarding the prize pool, fivetournaments exceed the €30,000 jackpot:

  • Battle Royale (€36,000).
  • After get off work (€38,000).
  • Mystery KO (€35,000).
  • Golden Hour (€58,000).
  • High Roller (€32,000).

Here are Monday’s best results:

  1. SteppeShark (€20 for tea time. Prize pool: €2,897.66. Field Number: 1,469. Prize pool: €26,442).
  2. Podvorotnyah (Gladiator €50. Prize money: €3,043.34. Fields: 466. Prize pool: €20,970).
  3. 30stephcurry (Mystery KO. Prize money: €4,133.95. Venue: €1,360. Prize pool: €24,480).
  4. enzyro (Monster Stack €10 (18:30). Prize pool: €2,249.41. Venue: 1,451. Prize pool: 13,059 €).
  5. FaisBelek… (Guerrilla 5. Prize money : £1,543.02. Number of entries: 3,015. Prize pool: £13,567).
  6. ZapanE (mystery KO. Prize money: €3,191.40. Number of entries: 596. Prize pool: €26,820).
  7. AGATA_BOGATA (Battle Royale 200. Prize money: €8,480.84. Fields: 197. Prize pool: €36,248).
  8. fran302bet (mysterious KO. Prize money: 1,324.93 euros. Number of entries: 2,565. Prize pool: 11,542 euros.
  9. Le Foie Gras (nitro 20 euros. Prize money: 1,803.34 euros. Entry Number of people: 594. Prize pool: 10,692 euros).
  10. Le Foie Gras li>
  11. MariusA (La Fievre 10 euros. Prize money: 2,103.62 euros. Number of participants: 1,287. Prize pool: 11,583 euros).
  12. Lion_ (after hours 20 euros. Price: 3,704.47 euros. Number of entries: 2,149. Prize pool: 38,682 euros).
  13. nikeiv (mysterious KO. Price: 2,760.32 euros. Venue: €3,958. Prize pool: €35,622).
  14. t1m3t0crush (Prime Time 50. Price: €7,415.39. Venue: €1,218. Prize pool: €54,810).
  15. Link BLader (Pour la Daronne €5. Prize money: €1,680.07. Venue: €4,167. Prize pool: €18,752).
  16. C0rnFlaKe (HighRoller) €250. Prize money: €6,832.41. Number of entries: 142. Prize pool: €32,944) .
  17. ROYSHARK (Pinball €20. Prize money: €2,293.15. Number of entries: 931. Prize pool: €16,758).
  18. Tiga (Top 50. Prize money: €2,551.22. Number of entries: 249. Prize pool: €11,205).
  19. enzyro (Ninja 10. Prize money: €2,632.22. Number of entries: 2,242. Prize pool: €20,178).
  20. PokerRiver (Mystery KO. Prize money: €2,632.21. Number of entries: 838. Prize pool: €15,084).
  21. Moon Harbor (Rush Hour 50. Prize money: €2,892.74. Fields: 373. Prize pool: €16,785).
  22. MonsieurGord (Mystery KO. Prize money: €2,521.54. Venue: €2,490. Prize pool: €22,410).
  23. Mage 5751259 (Nightclub 10. Prize money: £1,848.69. Number of entries: £1,895. Prize pool: £17,055).
  24. apts23 (Mini WSOP 94. Prize money: £6,000.12. Number of entries: 649. Prize pool: £29,205).
  25. KKcDelicieux (Mini WSOP 95. Prize money: €3,917.29. Number of entries: 2,532. Prize pool: €22,788).

New day of regular tournaments awaits us today, with the closing event of the mini WSOP.

AGATA_BOGATA Win Monday's Battle Royale at Winamax

SCPT: Elvis Aron drops Finale 8-Max for free

Elvis Aron is in good form and shines again in the...

The last two events of the Santa Catarina State Poker Tour (SCPT) ended on a high note on the final day of the Santa Catarina State Poker Tour (SCPT). Event #09, 8-a-side free 20K final, free entry until the end of the first level, then BRL 200, won by Elvis Aron from Rio de Janeiro.

That said a lot of Santa Catarina poker’s up-and-coming top player, Elvis, beat 83 entrants to claim the grand prize. The result earned him R$ 4,900 in prize money. The tournament has a guarantee of R$ 20,000.

Elvis Aron is in good form and shines again in the...

Anniversary of Domingo Tomenta

Storm Day on Sunday: Brazilians turn $11 into $26,...

Юбилейный Sunday Storm

In early April, PokerStars is actively promoting a historic event: Jubilee Sunday storm. Entering the tournament for $11 and vying for the $700,000 guaranteed prize pool is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Currently, popular poker rooms have reached the required number of participants. 72,658 entries exceeded the $12,000 guarantee. Needless to say, with so many players, it is impossible to decide the champion in one day, and the competition lasted for more than two days.

With the final table approaching, the Brazilian is likely to be the winner. The reason: Three Brazilians made it to the final.

Brazilian ‘Basigol’ Heads Up Over Compatriot ‘Wesley’ Nicknamed ‘Wesley’ Into the .inf file, everything became clear. .br”. In the end, Basigol won and won the first prize of $26,000.

It is worth mentioning the wonderful competition of the Ukrainian team “Rusya139”. Ruslan won the third place and received a generous Bonus. Bonus is $12,700.

Sunday Storm Results

Sunday Storm

Zur Reminder: The SCOOP 2023 series will be held on PokerStars in April, and cheap satellites offer your chance to qualify for tournaments with impressive guarantees.

Storm Day on Sunday: Brazilians turn $11 into $26,...

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