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Gerson Braga enters the WSOP Circuit for $525.

During GGPoker’s WSOP Spring Circuit, the country’s grinders racked up another straight of notable results. Fourth place in the $525 Bounty Hunters Spring HR eliminated Gerson “XaxaxManGr” Braga from championship contention. In all, he added $16,085 to his bankroll.

In the $1,050 Thursday Throwdown Bounty HR, grinder “DEMOLIDOR1722” finished fourth out of 377 competitors, earning him $18,856.

At the $215 Bounty Hunters Big Dance, Matheus Schell won $12,905 with his four-handed entry.

“Mac Nuggets” won the gold medal and $9,810 in the $77 Lucky Sevens Superstack Turbo tournament. The competition included 894 participants.

Additionally on the website, “NovoNickMsmCont” was announced as the winner of the $32.10 Bounty King of the Spring JR and won $9,659.

During the LAPT Rio ME, Jorge Ramella and Gloria Molina take the stage.

Fans of Latin American card games watched the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) Rio Main Event with great interest since it was so exciting. During the course of a four-hour final table, Anthony Barranqueiros emerged as the tournament’s great champion and the eighth winner of the green and yellow.

This player from Basel won R$650,000, the largest sum of his life, after besting a field of 557 competitors. The native of Sao Paulo started the final table with the most chips and maintained his advantage without making any showy plays. Yet, the 6-handed table saw the man become the overwhelming favorite when he won a triple all-in pot.

Juan Pablo Franco of Argentina was the best player to represent his nation, finishing in seventh place in the final table and winning 104,900 reais. However, Gloria Molina of Colombia and Jorge Ramella of Uruguay qualified for the final Tri-Handed to battle it out for the championship, which is a very “Mercosur” definition.

Last but not least, Anthony would emerge victorious, earning the champion’s trophy and relegating Ramella to second place and Colombia’s Gloria Molina to third. Another Latin participant, José Ferro of Colombia, took home sixth place and 140,500 reais.

I’d want to congratulate all of the Latino brothers on their excellent work.

The Main Event Final Table has been completed, and the first place prize has been awarded to Anthony Barranqueiros (Brazil) for 650.000 BRL.

Number Two: Jorge Ramella (Uruguay) – BRL 410.000

To place third, Gloria Molina (Colombia) was awarded BRL 293,000.

Luiz Henrique Farinhas (Brazil) placed fourth and received BRL 228.000.

Fifth place: BRL 178.800 to Brazil’s Victor Pertile.

Jose Ferro (Colombia) placed sixth and received BRL 140,500 for his efforts.

Juan Pablo Franco (Argentina) placed seventh, earning BRL 104,900.

8th Place: Fabrcio Nociolini (Brazil) – BRL 72,650

Place 9: Gregory Fabio (Brazil) – BRL 57,360

More from Rio about the LAPT

Winner of Win The Button, Matias Chervin

This year’s Rio Single Day 15k was won by Ramiro Rubino.

At the Single Day 20K, Juan Barattini placed third.

With this victory, Miguel Stagnoli becomes the fourth Argentine champion.

This year’s Turbo Challenge champion is Gaspar Fernandez.

Anthony Barranqueiros wins the LAPT Rio Main Event with a 5-0 FT dominating performance, setting a new tournament record and collecting R$650,000.

Anthony Barranqueiros was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the final of the LAPT Rio Main Event. Ahead from start to finish, he just needed a little over four hours to eliminate his last eight opponents from the tournament at the Windsor Marapendi Hotel. The Jundiai professional earned R$650,000 for his best triumph to date.

Anthony’s triumph made him just the second person to ever take down the Main Event at both the LAPT and the BSOP. In the Rio Quente stage in Goiás in 2019, he won R$205,750.

With a 34 bb advantage, Anthony won his way into the LAPT championship match. When he won a triple all-in with AA against six opponents, he left them all in the dust.

Anthony was in complete command of the situation in the preview. The pressure was mounting for the Uruguayan, and he eventually attempted a 3-bet push from 21 bbs, which was called. Anthony defeated A3 with KQ on a 28Q84 board to win the last pot and the tournament.

“Anything like this final table was completely unexpected. The FTs were lengthy and difficult in all my outcomes. I’m quite sure that this was the quickest final I’ve ever competed in. Thankfully, the plan worked out perfectly. This realization is only now beginning to dawn on me. Everything happened quickly, I raced well, and I’m proud to have won the nation its seventh championship “, the victor after the fight was over.

The R$1,250,000 guarantee for the Main Event was comfortably reached with 557 entrants at R$7,500. Below is the breakdown of the prize money for the finalists:

R$650,000 goes to #1, Anthony Barranqueiros of Brazil.

Runner-up, $410,000, Jorge Ramella of Uruguay.

R$293,000 for Colombia’s Gloria Molina, ranked #3.

Fourteenth-place finisher Luis Henrique Farinhas of Brazil, who received R$228,000

(5) Victor Pertille (Brazil), R$ 178,000

R$ 140,500 goes to Colombia’s José Ferro Ferro.

R$ 104,900 #7 Juan Franco (Argentina)

Rank 8: R$72,650, Brazil’s Fabricio Nociolini

10th Gregory Fabiao (Brazil), 1,055,000

Unfortunately for Triton Series Vietnam’s Adrian Mateos, he pops his third and final bubble.

Our top tournament player has settled into a routine in Vietnam that is less than ideal.

While he seldom bags a significant quantity of chips, he is often one of the last to depart the tournament area. To win awards, he’ll have to compete against a group in the morning when amateurs and local professionals don’t have a chance. But, after being knocked out, he notices that the Triton Poker Series is still drawing a large crowd, so he registers for another event and plays his way through every level until he is once again among the players who leave the tournament area.

Kind of a reoccurring day for him, since he has been on the short stack for three of the festival’s five bubbles and has won two tournaments so far.

The first time Amadi went to the cashier was in the second event, the $15k (14th, $39,900), and the second time was only yesterday, when he verified his second cash in the $30k (18th, $64,600). As of this morning, he was back in the $50k tournament’s hunt, but chipleader Linus Loeliger paid him an all-in between two aces that didn’t match. The Swiss folded, and his 8 in the kicker round bested Adri’s 5.

This $50,000 event was the fifth in a festival that has already broken the record for the biggest field in circuit history. During this fifth installment, the buy-in has already doubled compared to the first Super Million$, and it hasn’t dropped below 139 participants since. This is incredible in every way.

This increased interest in High Rollers may be attributed to a number of sources.

For the first time since the 2019 Triton Series stop in Jeju, South Korea, the competition will be held in Asia. We’ll term them “locals” since they’re from Malaysia, Thailand, China, and other nearby nations, although it appears like there are a lot of gamers from all over the world converging on that region.

An additional boon to the festival is the sudden influx of GGPoker players and other online poker enthusiasts who have made the transition to land-based casinos after the flu epidemic subsided.

For instance, Dutchman Jans Arends “Graftekkel” is a regular at the Asian operator’s most costly events despite having played in just one $25k live tournament before to making waves in the two EPTs in Prague that year. After finishing second behind Nacho Barbero in the $15k ($406,000) and first in the $30k ($171 players; 1st, $921,178) in his first two tournaments at the Tritons, he is already one of the week’s major players.

Fifth Happening (There Was No Fourth One) NLHE $30k

The Netherlands’ Jans Arends was awarded $921,178*.

Malaysian Kiat Lee was awarded $851,932*.

Money: $766,890* for American Jonathan Jaffe.

The United States of America’s Brian Kim was awarded $441,000.

US citizen Seth Davies earned $353,700.

$275,000 for Biao Ding of China

British citizen Oscar Brodkin was awarded the sum of $203,000.

$149K for Canadian Daniel Dvoress’s (*) Dvoress

Joint venture between three parties

Final thought: GGPoker’s Super Million$ qualifiers and other promotions built around these Triton Series should not be underestimated in terms of their impact. President of America’s Card Room Philip Nagy has provided his professional poker team and streamers with $100,000 buy-in packages to participate in the opening tournaments of the festival.

Despite being a recipient of this program, Ana Márquez has yet to win a prize in any of the four events she’s entered and is thus now not participating in the $75,000 tournament.

Monika Zukowicz “HeyMonia,” another player, also competed in the Mystery Bounty $20k tournament, but British streamer Mark Rubbathan emerged victorious from a field of 179 competitors.

Prize pool for the third NLHE Mystery Bounty Event is $30,000.

Prize money of $396k went to Mark Rubbathan of the UK.

The Polish national, Wiktor Malinowski, was awarded $268,000 in money.

Malaysian Victor Chong received $184,000

Canadian resident Daniel Dvoress received $150,400.

A sum of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars was awarded to Calvin Tan (Malaysia).

92,000 USD to the Lithuanian athlete Gytis Lazaouninkas.

$67,000 for João Vieira of Portugal.

Adams, Timothy (Canada) – $48,500

For his efforts, Rubbathan was awarded $400,000, plus an additional $240,000 in rewards. Orpen Kisacikoglu, who was playing a split tenth with Timothy Adams in this bizarre parody of the Christmas Lottery exchanges, won the $250,000 secret prize.

To claim the $250,000 prize, how many tokens do you need to buy? I guarantee you, @OrpTheTurk, we will learn!

Post by Triton Poker (@tritonpoker) dated March 4, 2023

The cost of playing poker in Vietnam is rising rapidly. We’ve been wondering since last Friday, and getting a deafening reaction at the Triton Series Vietnam thus far, whether the Hoiana Resort’s $75,000 price tag would be enough to slow the influx of tourists. A fresh table, please, dealers.

Your Invitation to the WPT Prime

This is your chance to play WPT Prime.

It’s possible to win a seat in a live World Poker Tour event at any of the many exciting satellites the room hosts. Read this letter carefully.

Several players will be able to realize their goal of competing in WPT Global’s main events because to the organization’s generosity. You only need an account and must be interested in playing in the room’s qualifications to do that.

You may win weekend trips to various locations around the globe to play in World Poker Tour live events. Satellite tournaments starting at US$110 will get you into the WPT Premier tournaments. The only decision you’ll need to make is where in the globe you want to play.

Every Saturday at 14:00 ET* and every Sunday at 18:00 ET* will be a qualifying game. Each package is priced at US$1,500 to use at any of these events:

During the three days of March 29-April 1, 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

On the 11th-15th of May, we will be in Bratislava, Slovakia, and on the 25th-29th of May, we will be in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The dates June 1-11, 2015, in San Remo, Italy

Conditions & Terms

Winners of the WPT Prime passport package offer may select from any of the upcoming WPT Prime events.

Recent tournaments include WPT Prime Amsterdam, WPT Prime Slovakia, WPT Prime Vietnam, and WPT Prime San Remo. When more information becomes available, we will add more events.

Prize winners have until 23 days before the event to indicate which they’ll be attending (i.e. they must inform WPT Global of their choice at least 23 days before the start of the chosen tournament).

The difference between the winner’s selected event’s entrance fee and the $1,500 package value will be refunded to the winner’s WPT Global account.

The date of May 9, 2023, shall mark the end of the validity period for any prizes won during this contest.

Several prize packages may be won by a single player.

If a player wins more than one package, they must use the first one to enter the event, but they may ask for their other packages to be converted into online tournament tickets by emailing [email protected].

There are no financial settlement options available.

Winners of the package must pay for their own transportation, lodging, and any necessary visas.

Customers of both sexes over the age of 18 may take part in the offer.

Winners of packages are responsible for adhering to any age limitations imposed by the WPT Premier event site they choose to attend.

If you are trying to access WPT Global from a country that is not permitted, you will not be able to take part in the offer.

In order to take part in this campaign, you must submit your real name, address, phone number, and birth date during the registration procedure.

To meet our legal and regulatory responsibilities, we reserve the right to limit your account’s functionality, including the ability to make deposits. In the case that such limitations prohibit you from participating in this offer or claiming any associated incentives, perks, or prizes, we will not be held responsible.

As required by law or regulation, we have the right to alter, cancel, or limit your participation in any poker promotion.

By taking part in this offer, you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. You risk having the prizes taken away from your account without prior notice if you do not adhere to the terms and conditions of the offer as well as the general terms and conditions. This offer may be terminated or altered at any moment for any reason, with or without prior warning.

If there’s a difference between the English and a non-English version of the terms and conditions, the English version will take precedence.

Barbara Akemi wins a record-breaking first place in the Sunday Million.

Several Brazilians have had the honor of being able to claim “I’m a champion” after taking down the PokerStars Sunday Million since the tournament’s start in 2006. Cardroom Poker Team player Barbara Akemi joined the illustrious bust list on this Tuesday night, the last day of February 2023.

The Brazilian player, who used by the handle “baakemi,” wowed viewers over the whole Final Day broadcast on her Twitch channel, turning her initial $109 investment into a massive big hit of $92,281. Barbara is the first Brazilian woman to win the Sunday Million, beating out a field of 10,662 entrants.

She entered Day 3 with the third-largest stack among the 90 players still in the game and rode it to a very successful finish. Around 2,500 fans watched as Barbara won enormous hands on the semi-final table, giving her a massive chip lead going into the final table.

As a result, Akemi was grabbing pots in rapid succession and applying pressure to her opponents, who she was only raising pre-flop. Barbara’s stack was increased thanks to a pre-flop all-in with QQ versus KK. The board read 67TAQ, and a queen on the river put her ahead.

Her chip stack grew larger and larger, and the strain on the ICM grew accordingly. If there was another saving river during the 4-handed game, Barbara would be eliminated. Her A5 straight on board 4JQ32 defeated “Starosta’s” 88, making her the undisputed champion.

The Brazilian annihilated her three opponents in the 3-handed, who were all but vying for second place. Some of them even folded, but Akemi’s superiority was too much for their stack. With 63 versus K5 preflop, she eliminated “REDHEAD1134”.

With a chip stack lead of 10 to 1, Barbara needed just two hands to eliminate her last opponent, the Thai “NOEXITNO,” from the tournament. She returned his push with KJ, defeating the Asian’s Q8, which sent her chat group into an uproar of passion and a frenzy.

The new room at Melincué Casino & Resort was officially opened with a fantastic tournament to celebrate.

A fantastic tournament marked the grand opening of Melincué Casino & Resort’s newest room.

The opening of Casino Melincué, a new and unique poker venue, is being celebrated with a massive multi-day tournament featuring a $25,000 buy-in.

The new room at Melincué Casino & Resort is officially opened with a huge tournament to celebrate.

For quite some time, poker has been one of Melincué Casino & Resort’s most popular table games. Because of this, the casino staff has been working tirelessly to prepare a unique room, which will make its debut on September 27 with the traditional four-day MultiDay event.

The new area is inside the gaming room itself, next to the casino’s bar and restaurant. It can accommodate over 40 people and has an outside setting.

The competition will go off on Monday at 8 p.m., run through Tuesday, February 28th and Wednesday, March 1st at the same time, and conclude with a rematch on Thursday, March 2nd at the same time.

Your first investment of $25,000 is required. The reentry will be accessible till level 6 with the same value as before. There will be 30,000 chips in the pot to begin.

Lunch will be given daily at the same location so that all of the players may share in the finest cuisine.

In contrast, interested parties may contact Customer Service at 3465 65 3987 or the hotel directly at 3465 65 1348 with questions on current hotel specials.

A look at the action at the EPT Paris

After a seven-year absence, Paris is once again hosting the European Poker Tour (EPT). While this year’s London event was a bigger success than the previous one, the organizer was nonetheless obliged to issue an official apology due to several unsettling incidents.

The Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile, where the series is held, is not well suited to host events of this magnitude. Participants complained that there wasn’t enough room during registration, and that waiting in line through the crowded hallways was a major inconvenience.

The €1,100 entry fee for the FPS Paris Main Event was the last straw. On the day of 1C, when people showed up to sign up, they were informed there were no more spots available.

“Neither we nor our players had a satisfactory experience, and for that we are genuinely sorry. If there are issues, it is all our fault and we will work to fix them “The coordinator made a remark.

Even on Day 1A and Day 1B, players were pushed to sign up for the Main Event, a possible indication that there wouldn’t be enough tables for the festival’s featured tournament.

Viewpoint of Chris Brewer.

Many of European and American poker pros were there, but it was Chris Brewer who really made waves by winning EPT Paris twice in the span of a week.

Chris won €357,180 after placing first in the inaugural €25,000 tournament, beating out 43 other competitors. A few days later, he triumphed in a 50,000 Euro tournament with 68 entrants. Chris received €959,520, the largest prize ever for a young American, and his first seven-figure sum of money outside of online gambling (in USD terms).

Finals in Russia

A large number of Russian speakers attended the Paris stop of the European poker tour, although they have only made it to the final tables a handful of occasions. Yakov Nesterov had the best performance, placing fourth and winning $131,950 (€25,000).

Nikita Kuznetsov was another notable figure. He entered the Mystery Bounty final for €10,200 and came in 8th, winning €17,250. The small rewards were boosted by “mystery envelopes,” from which Nikita drew an additional €65,000.

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