Bruno Volkmann faz FT no $10,300 Snowfall Thursday Super High Roller

Bruno Volkmann faz FT no $10,300 Snowfall Thursday...

Ace Bruno Volkmann exited the $10,300 Thursday Ice Super High Roller [Bounty] on Thursday the 11th in fifth place, adding $85,143 to his balance. 102 contestants took part in the championship.

Gabriel “G Bueno” Bueno won gold and $59,692 in Thursday’s $1,050 Throwdown HR event. Eduardo “srjtdyfgukh” Silva (third place), Felipe “LisFlower” Boianovsky (eighth place) and Neville “Lionevil” Costa (ninth place) took home $23,263, $8,071 and $6,612 respectively.

Allan “Freedom35” Mello took the podium in Thursday’s $150 Snowdown [Bounty] event. He earned $42,911 after defeating 3,038 opponents.

Meanwhile, Pedro “AkgringoAK” Costa logged in and cashed in the 3-hand Event 29: $54 Bankroll Builder bounty for $14,803 in the Winter Giveaway Series.

Also on the site, Nello Neto finished third out of 478 players in the $250 Daily Winter Freezeout, a performance that earned him $11,123.

Bruno Volkmann faz FT no $10,300 Snowfall Thursday...

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