BSOP: Renan Bruschi overtakes Léo Rizzo in 2-day HR

Renan Bruschi bluffs and tricks Léo Rizzo in a tal...

The game didn’t end at the BSOP Winter Millions, with many big names taking part in the 2-day high roller, a R$10,000 buy-in tournament that kicked off Thursday night. Of course, due to the smaller and more segmented players, it’s normal to have a lot of debate in this type of competition.

One of the funniest tables sits Renan Bruschi and Léo Rizzo, the protagonists’ first-hand chatter that ends in bravado. The hand was played at 400/800 blinds, starting at “8°” and called “Internett93o”.

The “Mayor” from Paraná goes all-in from UTG. The table was in effect until Renan Bruschi raised the hijack to 3,500 chips. Léo Rizzo looked at the card on the button and said, “Insta call”. The blind folded and the guy from Pala called all-in.

The flop came and the mayor checked. Renan bets 4,000 and is called by Léo Rizzo. Another player folds. The turn brought a card and doubled it. Bruschi continued aggressively, betting 15,000 in chips.

Within seconds, Rizzo raised to 40,000 in chips. Renan used the time bank and moved all-in for 73,500 chips. As Léo squirmed, Renan Bruschi started talking to him: “I’ve got you eighth.” The legendary player from Sao Paulo folded and saw the “Internet93o” bluff.

Of course, Renan didn’t pass up the chance to try “Oitavo” and he went all-in in the dark and was eliminated. Bruschi also said he was sure he would win and that his flush draw was good.

Renan Bruschi bluffs and tricks Léo Rizzo in a tal...


  • This text gives a detailed account of a poker game at the BSOP Winter Millions, involving well-known players and their actions during the game. It describes a bluff by Renan Bruschi and his conversation with Léo Rizzo, leading to Renan’s elimination from the game.

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