CardPlayer magazine’s cover featuring Nacho Barbero.

Cover model, Nacho Barbero of CardPlayer

The Argentine is now experiencing a terrific time, so much so that he is included in the main interview of one of the most well-known poker sites in the world.

You can’t stop him. Better than ever before. If winning the LAPT three times wasn’t enough, José Ignacio Barbero also won a bracelet in the World Series of Poker. Perhaps surpassing the accomplishments of yesteryear, the famous Nacho has been setting new records in every game his chips have entered. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the experts single him out as CardPlayer.

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The 147th episode of these legendary postcasts is narrated by a guy who was born in Campana 41 years ago and has been living in Buenos Aires for the last decade, where he has been the voice of the Poker Tales cycle.

“a world-class card player who toured the globe long before he discovered poker,” is how Barbero is introduced to the reader. As a young adult, the Argentinian learned to play Magic: The Gathering and quickly rose to head the national team.

The next part of the narrative explains that “Barbero, after six years as a Magic pro, made the transition to poker.” In 2010, he had his breakout year, winning the EPT London High Roller for over $900,000 and two of the three Latin American Poker Tour titles he had previously won. In the years following, he has maintained a record of constant success despite taking part in some of the highest stakes cash games in the world.

Recently, Nacho triumphed in the PGT PLO Series.

Barbero’s success on the mat in the last year has been remarkable. He won his first gold bracelet and $587,000 in the World Series of Poker in the summer. Later, in February, he achieved a career-high placing of fourth at the PokerStars Players Championship, earning himself $1.55 million. Barbero is now in first position for Card Player Player of the Year 2023 after his successes in the Triton Vietnam Series, where he won first and second place for a total of $1.06 million, and the PokerGO PLO Series.

The English-language conversation will feature nacho reminiscing about his life as a professional poker player, including his first online poker session, his first live tournament win, his poker sponsorship, how to make live reads, a crypto disaster, his comeback, a big mistake at the final table, and a $500, 000 jackpot from a multiflight lottery.

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