Casino chips and collectibles exhibit.

The WSOP will once again host a commemorative casi...

Thousands of amateurs are expected to attend this year’s World Series, with entry fees as low as $300, making it one of the largest events in decades. Over the next two and a half weeks, PokerOK will sell at least 600 holiday packages. Both the ACR and WSOP Room offer similar specials.

The annual auction of casino and poker memorabilia is another good motivation for visiting Sin City. For the 30th time, visitors to the Casino Chips and Collectibles Expo will have the opportunity to engage with a piece of gaming history.

Artifacts from various museums will be posted there. Some everyday objects are given historical significance, such as dice, cards, matchboxes, slot machines, chips, glass holders, ashtrays and roulette wheels.

Nearly fifty vendors will have items for sale this year at bid auctions. You can buy most of what you need. However, some of them will be on display so visitors can study the casino’s past.

The South Point Casino will host the exhibition June 15-17. Admission is $5 or $10 on other days, but on June 17, admission is free for all.

The Casino Chip and Collectibles Association, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the collection of gaming-related artifacts, runs the event. The World Series of Poker and other summer events sometimes overlap with the annual casino chip and collectible show. Several celebrities have participated in this poker tournament, making it a fan favorite.

Players such as Linda Johnson and Ian Fisher played in the poker room. Among them, Fame will be there in 2021 to meet fans and sign autographs.

The WSOP will once again host a commemorative casi...


  • This text highlights the popularity of the World Series of Poker and the annual casino chip and collectible show in Las Vegas, with thousands of amateurs expected to attend. It also mentions the participation of celebrities, making it a fan favorite event.

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