Chad Eveslage Wins WSOP Makers’ Choice Championship, Becomes First Two-Time WSOP Champion of the Season

The most well-rounded player in the world has a first and last name: Chad Eveslage. He finished first in both Dealer’s Choice tournaments at the 54th World Series of Poker. Dealer’s Choice asks contestants to test their skills in 20 different games.

Eveslage’s first win came in Event 5: $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-a-side. He took home $131,879 for beating 455 players. Just four days later, the Indiana native repeated the feat in Event 10: $10,000 Dealer’s Choice 6-Hand Championship. The American was the first out of 115 players to claim $311,428.

Eveslage’s bracelet victory continued the WSOP tradition of at least one player leaving Las Vegas with multiple bracelets. The streak started with Chris Ferguson in 2000. Last year’s two-time winners were Dan Zack, Lawrence Brandt and Espen Jorstad.

Eveslage now has a real-time revenue MTT of over $7.9 million. In addition to three WSOP titles, he cracked two WPT events. All five victories have come within the past 20 months.

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