Curious playing cards on the table

Curious playing cards on the table

The penultimate week of August has begun, and with it another episode of MarcaPoker. The Spanish radio show of this preeminent mind sport is back with interesting topics to ensure a good time for all podcast and poker lovers. The program is broadcast on the 232nd and is therefore designed to receive the following topics: Poker

  • Conversation with the popular sports forecaster and poker enthusiast José Criado, In it he provides interesting insights into these activities.
  • New edition of “Curiosity Beyond Poker”, featuring a range of bizarre and interesting news.
  • The best live tournaments currently being played by reviewers.
  • A summary of the week’s most important news.

You can listen to this and more from the announcer here David Luzago is moved by clicking on the digital player below:

  • What is Macau Poker?

The world of poker is more modern than ever before, with hundreds of thousands of players around the world. That’s why they deserve a spot.

David Luzago hosts MarcaPoker.

Marca brings you the latest news from the world of poker in one app; interviews, news, debates, rankings, live events, advice and everything you can imagine about the world of poker everything of.

All news from the world of poker comes from David Luzago, one of the most important Spanish-language voices in our game. Players, announcers and organizers of countless events are responsible for room management and presentation.

Curious playing cards on the table


  • This text is promoting the Spanish radio show MarcaPoker, which discusses various topics related to poker. It highlights the inclusion of interesting insights from poker enthusiast José Criado, coverage of live tournaments, and news updates. The text also emphasizes the expertise and prominence of the host, David Luzago, in the world of poker.

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