During the LAPT Rio ME, Jorge Ramella and Gloria Molina take the stage.

Fans of Latin American card games watched the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) Rio Main Event with great interest since it was so exciting. During the course of a four-hour final table, Anthony Barranqueiros emerged as the tournament’s great champion and the eighth winner of the green and yellow.

This player from Basel won R$650,000, the largest sum of his life, after besting a field of 557 competitors. The native of Sao Paulo started the final table with the most chips and maintained his advantage without making any showy plays. Yet, the 6-handed table saw the man become the overwhelming favorite when he won a triple all-in pot.

Juan Pablo Franco of Argentina was the best player to represent his nation, finishing in seventh place in the final table and winning 104,900 reais. However, Gloria Molina of Colombia and Jorge Ramella of Uruguay qualified for the final Tri-Handed to battle it out for the championship, which is a very “Mercosur” definition.

Last but not least, Anthony would emerge victorious, earning the champion’s trophy and relegating Ramella to second place and Colombia’s Gloria Molina to third. Another Latin participant, José Ferro of Colombia, took home sixth place and 140,500 reais.

I’d want to congratulate all of the Latino brothers on their excellent work.

The Main Event Final Table has been completed, and the first place prize has been awarded to Anthony Barranqueiros (Brazil) for 650.000 BRL.

Number Two: Jorge Ramella (Uruguay) – BRL 410.000

To place third, Gloria Molina (Colombia) was awarded BRL 293,000.

Luiz Henrique Farinhas (Brazil) placed fourth and received BRL 228.000.

Fifth place: BRL 178.800 to Brazil’s Victor Pertile.

Jose Ferro (Colombia) placed sixth and received BRL 140,500 for his efforts.

Juan Pablo Franco (Argentina) placed seventh, earning BRL 104,900.

8th Place: Fabrcio Nociolini (Brazil) – BRL 72,650

Place 9: Gregory Fabio (Brazil) – BRL 57,360

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Winner of Win The Button, Matias Chervin

This year’s Rio Single Day 15k was won by Ramiro Rubino.

At the Single Day 20K, Juan Barattini placed third.

With this victory, Miguel Stagnoli becomes the fourth Argentine champion.

This year’s Turbo Challenge champion is Gaspar Fernandez.


  • This text provides an overview of the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) Rio Main Event and highlights the achievements of the winners from different countries. It showcases the excitement and success of the tournament, particularly for Anthony Barranqueiros who emerged as the champion and won the largest sum of his life.

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