He took the pizza box ploy and used it to steal a casino.

He took a pizza box on his casino robbery.

The odd Scottish setting and undertones didn’t detract from the expected incarceration resolution.

In Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, a man was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison for using a pizza box to plot the theft of a casino that earned him £48,000 in cash and gaming chips. Hassan Fallah, the guilty guy, was a client at a casino in Genting when he committed the assault and robbery. He had purchased a huge reconnaissance knife and a tactical face mask online before carrying them out.

Police discovered the pizza box, together with a notepad and laptop, in Fallah’s hostel room in Edinburgh after he was arrested in connection with a raid on the Genting Casino in Fountain Park. The pizza box was covered in notes from the robber, who planned his getaway and wrote, “Here, change, become a place to be anonymous: hoodie, mask + face mask before razor, change clothing, escape plan.” He also created a “how much money do I truly need” wish list filled with luxury stuff.

Several instances of “stealing” and “won’t get caught, remain under budget” were also found in his writing. ‘I have to conceal the money, don’t boast too much, don’t spend it in shops,’ he wrote in a notepad. He also said that the tokens might be buried and that the money would not be held at the shelter.

He did it, right? At least none of the stolen goods have been located as of yet.

During the heist, Fallah, 23, flashed the huge knife and threatened another worker with it before making off with cash and chips. He then forced an employee to unlock a locked door to enter the casino.

“This was a premeditated and targeted robbery with the use of a weapon and took place four months after he was released from jail on a 13-month term,” said assistant attorney Louise Beattie. The earlier convictions for stealing, weapon possession, racist abuse, violence, and spitting on security officials led to Fallah’s incarceration.

Another heist from the casino

The robber confessed to attacking Ignacio Perez with a knife on August 9, 2021 at the Genting Casino, demanding that Perez unlock a locked door so that he could grab a mobile phone.

He also confessed to attacking another worker named Murray Brake, flashing the weapon at him, demanding money, going behind the counter, and taking £7,345 in cash and £40,800 in casino chips.

After the heist, Farah was identified by casino personnel, and police were called to his apartment, where they discovered £195 in cash, among other stuff, as well as a laptop with the search terms “Genting Edinburgh,” “casino robbery,” and “casino anti surveillance” on it. Fallah refused to speak with police after his detention.


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    This text describes a significant robbery at a casino in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the culprit used a pizza box to plan and execute the theft. The robber has been sentenced to four years and nine months in prison for his actions.

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