Pedro Madeira is Monday’s Monster Stack $1,050 winner

Pedro Madeira is Monday’s Monster Stack $1,050 win...

As usual, the country’s mills were able to claim victory in the most important GGPoker tournament. On Monday the 22nd, Pedro Madeira took the podium in the $1,050 Monday Monster Stack [Bounty Edition] race. After defeating 266 opponents, his bankroll increased by $48,818.

Luiz “Infxtantibus” Constantino also took home gold in the $215 event for $27,982.

Earned $14,911 each in the $105 Secret KO [Mystery Bounty], “MelzinhaCaramel” (2nd place), “W3LL” (3rd place) and “EngDexter” (4th place) , $12,387 and $8,077.

Murilo Milhomem won the $444 Bounty Forty Stack HR. The ace finished first out of 121 entrants, winning $10,744.

BearTed also earned $10,291 on the site for cracking $88 worth of CRAZY EIGHTS [Bounty Edition]. The tournament featured 1,073 players.

Pedro Madeira is Monday’s Monster Stack $1,050 win...


  • Violet.lueilwitz

    This text highlights the success of several individuals in GGPoker tournaments, with Pedro Madeira and Luiz Constantino achieving notable victories. Other players, such as MelzinhaCaramel, W3LL, EngDexter, Murilo Milhomem, and BearTed also earned significant prize money in various events.

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