PGT: DeStefano wins his first game with Sharks

PGT: DeStefano wins his first game with Sharks

History repeats itself wherever and whenever it happens. While poker is often won by the best, this is a land of opportunity. Dylan DeStefano proved this when he hit the last ten big blinds with five players, but failed to win through Aram Oganyan and Joey Weissma Three bets later He never looked back, winning on his way to his first career tournament victory and $195,000. That’s the first prize in PokerGo Tour (PGT) Event #4: $10,100 No-Limit Hold’em event at the PokerGo Studio at Aria Casino in Las Vegas.

DeStefano went all-in with A-Q against Weissman’s A-T. Oganyan dropped A-8 after paying off DeStefano’s jab, but switched to Weissman’s new jab. Weissman flopped a Broadway straight and a flush of hearts, but when the river hit brick, DeStefano found a set of three to stay alive.

DeStefano then sat back and watched Jim Collopy send Oganyan to fifth place for $62,400 when he flopped a pair of queens against Oganyan’s pair of sevens .

After Ren Lin left, the three-person battle went back and forth, with neither side willing to give in. It seemed like a match that could last until the end. It was early in the morning, but the deck had other plans, and in heads-up play DeStefano held a 2-1 chip lead, with Collopy finishing in third place for $101,400.

The cards continued to work in DeStefano’s favor as he held back-to-back kings to end the night, while Weissman could only watch as he tumbled toward the exitfor a first-place finish of $132,600. Prize for second place.

The win moves DeStefano into third place in the race for the final two dream spots in the $1,000,000 PGT Champions Freeroll, and he must keep it up or he’ll qualify for nothing.

PGT Last Chance Series Event #4 was the smallest event to date, but still featured 78 players, with a total prize pool of $780,000 paid out to the top 12 players. Joao Simao is the only Latino to win a prize.

Ranked Event #4 PGT

1. Dylan DeStefano $195,0002. Joey Weisman $132,6003. Jim Colombi $101,4004. Ren Lin China $78,0005° Aram Oganian $62,4006° Masashi Ohtani US$46,8007. Samuel Raskowitz $39,0008° Eric Seidel $31,2009° Artur Martirosian $31,20010° Joao Simao Brazil $23,40011° Nick Schulman $19,50012° Adam Hendricks $19,500

PGT: DeStefano wins his first game with Sharks


  • This text describes Dylan DeStefano’s impressive poker victory in the PokerGo Tour Event #4, highlighting his skill and resilience in coming back from a difficult position. It also provides details about the prize pool and other players’ rankings in the tournament.

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