Renan Bruschi finishes in 6th place in SCOOP Event #39-H

The first big results on Monday have already occurred. On the PokerStars tables, the consistent Renan Bruschi scored another big win with his performance in Sunday’s big SCOOP tournament Titans, Event #39-H of the series.

With a $5,200 buy-in, Renan Bruschi, “Internet93o” from PokerStars, made it to the final table of the event with 164 players and returned to today’s The last day. This time the Brazilian did not fare as well, finishing sixth for $47,280.

At a well-balanced final table, “Nett” had high-profile opponents vying for the tournament title. Rui Ferreira “RuiNF”, Espen Jorstad “Hy2mn2Nikasi”, Pavel Plesuv “silentm0de” and Sam Grafton “SamSquid” were some of the opponents, the latter being the executioner of the Brazilian.

Renan got off to a good start with his decision, managing to increase his stack while knocking out one of his opponents at random. But increasing the blinds ended up shrinking the Brazilian’s stack as he lost to Main Event winner Espen Jorstad and fell into a 17-betting range.

On the very next hand, Renan Bruschi raised from the CO and saw Sam Grafton 3-bet with 6 blinds. “Internett93o” won the pot with his A7 4-bet/all-in but was called by the PokerStars ambassador and found himself in a dangerous position against Grafton’s TT. There was no news on the 43892 board, and the sixth announced the fall of Rennan.

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