Roberto Perez takes the podium at Triton London but is ejected from HU by champion Ole Schemion

Roberto Perez takes the podium at Triton London bu...

Champion Ole Schemion

The London Triton Poker Series continued to grab the headlines thanks to a strong performance from the Spaniard.

Three entrants Juan Pardo, Ignacio Morón and Roberto Perez had regular chances for a place in the final in just four matches. They have all failed miserably so far. Juan was the first to go bust, and Ignacio went down before his unofficial FT was settled.

Looks like Event #5 50k $8-Max will be a new FT opportunity to bid

Fortunately, Roberto Perez was on the flop and found a way to stay in the middle of the tournament until he got FT to reach No. five.

Let the fuck go 🔱🔱

— roberdb92 (@pgroberto) July 2023 31st

Unlike the final table before this festival, where pressure from the blinds and a shortage of effective chips resulted in numerous lead changes, in this tournament, two factors worked against Parida had a very large impact. Linear fashion boot.

First, Ole Schemion emerged as absolute ruler of the leaderboard, winning at the right time the pot needed to thwart the coup attempt. Equally important was the presence of Vietnam’s Dao Minh Phu in the game, with his wide range, aggressive, Asian bravado and showmanship keeping everyone in suspense, waiting to catch up. They were in an uproar.

Roberto waited patiently for an opportunity to grab the chips that Phu seemed to offer his opponent every few hands. His best pick came on the third table when he flopped a set of fours. He set the trap, checking heads-up on every street, allowing Phu to hit his best pair of aces on the turn, but the Eastern player exited the fight almost unscathed and opted for a small bet when the aces fell.

Phu and Rober’s stacks reached the all-in or fold stage, but Phu’s delivery failed. The lovable Vietnamese player’s lively style of play has already proven his worth and brought him a win when Triton visited his country, where he also knows how to perfectly qualify for HU.

With no further chances for chips, Roberto found himself with KQ and was ahead of the German’s range when Schemion offered him an extra blind of SB. He checked and found himself ruled by AK. Roberto left a lot of money on the table, but that doesn’t change the fact that he took home $604,000 for third place, far more than the third-place prize. The cash specialist has won every live tournament he’s played so far.

Ole soon found himself in an all-in between the aces, the leading reigning kicker, securing the Tritons’ first million dollar prize which was handed out during this visit to London, This is by no means their last.

Roberto’s finale lasted so long that the last players involved didn’t even think about registering for the next registration event, #6 $60,000 7-Max. Juan Pardo also did not show up, leaving Moron as the sole representative of La Roja. Ignacio sees early exit as it’s not his day The Spaniard was largely absent for the game.

Out of 104 players, 32 were eliminated, led by Ambassador and High Roller Circuit current POY Jason Koon .

Roberto Perez takes the podium at Triton London bu...


  • This text seems to be discussing the performance of various players in the Triton Poker Series in London. It highlights Ole Schemion’s dominance in the tournament and Roberto Perez’s successful run, but also mentions the early exits of Juan Pardo and Ignacio Morón.

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