Salas leads but Aguero fails: Armada shines in Bahamas

Salas leads but Aguero fails: Armada shines in Bah...

The WSOP Paradise from GGPoker is exploding in the Bahamas, especially with the Event #3 GGMillion$ High Roller Championship , a hybrid tournament that originally started in the online space and now continues in theAtlantis Paradise Islandroom with a buy-in of $25,000.

Day 1B is this Wednesday, the final opening day of the event, which has a guaranteed purse of $10 million but a final prize of $13,325,000, including Several Latino players, including Damian Salas, are among the top chipmakers.

El Kun Agüero is in the Bahamas, but is currently out of luck.

The Argentinian, WSOP Main Event Champion, rises to 4th in the standings with 2,900,000 in chips and continues to win awards around the world Stay on top of poker.

In addition to Salas, Latino players who scored on Day 1B include Rodrigo Seiji (7th, 2,750,000), Mexican player José» Rodríguez Zurita ( 10th, 1,910,000), Thales Barbosa (17th, 1,520,000), the great Nacho Barbero (30th, 1,100,000), Manuel Pochat(No. 41, 515,000) andMichael Duek (No. 42, 510,000). They advanced on Day 1A along with Hermilo Garza Villareal (790,000).

Nacho Barbero has entered its second day.

In this case, the tournament was so attractive that several stars outside the poker world (but not many) tried to gain fame: one of them was former NBA player Tony ·Tony Parker and another former Argentinian footballer, Sergio Kun Agüero, who sat at the poker table yesterday for a few levels before he said goodbye.

Football legend Sergio Kun Aguero has arrived in the Bahamas 🇦🇷⚽️

Salas leads but Aguero fails: Armada shines in Bah...


  • This text discusses the WSOP Paradise event happening in the Bahamas, particularly highlighting the success of Latino players such as Damian Salas and Nacho Barbero. It also mentions the participation of non-poker stars like Tony Parker and Sergio Kun Agüero, who briefly joined the tournament.

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