Scotsman cracks Irish Poker Open after winning PokerStars satellite

The new coronavirus pandemic has forced the Irish Poker Open to reinvent itself. Following partypoker’s online version, the Championship in partnership with PokerStars, and via satellites on the site, Scotland’s David Docherty won his Main Event package.

He then sailed across the Irish Sea to Dublin, ruining the party for the local players. For his unprecedented victory, the pro won €365,000, just over $1.9 million.

The Main Event saw a record 2,491 entrants across four qualifying rounds. As finals day began, Docherty came out of the CL with the bottom five in chips. He came to the FT despite the odds and pulled out at the right time to win.

Leading 2-1 in a duel with Declan Rice, Doherty struggled to finish the last Irishman on the pitch. In the final hand, the Scot found K♥10♥ and called his opponent’s all-in. With J♠2♣ advantage, Rice even took the lead on the flop of 8♥6♣2♦, but the 8♣ turn and 6♠ river sealed his defeat.

A total of €2,428,725 was distributed to 312 participants in the Main Event. Manoel Assunção, the only Brazilian to have completed the ITM race, was awarded €2,235 for his 235th place finish. See how much each finalist earned:

1. David Docherty (Scotland) $365,000

2. Declan Rice (Ireland) €228,700

3. Panagiotis Mavritsakis (Greece) €161,500

4. Tom Waters (England) $124,500

5. Andy Black (Ireland) 95,500 euros

6. Eugeniu Barbaros (Moldova) 73,500 euros

7. Carl Shaw (Ireland) $56,500

8. Henry Ojala (Finland) 43,500 euros

9. Jamie Wynne (Ireland) €33,500

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  • Karson.stiedemann

    The text discusses the Irish Poker Open and how it had to adapt due to the coronavirus pandemic. It highlights David Docherty’s victory and the prize money awarded to the finalists, including the only Brazilian participant, Manoel Assunção, who received €2,235 for finishing in 235th place.

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