Sixth place for Ignacio Morón ($250,521) in the Main Event of the GGPoker Super Million$ Week

The flagship tournament on GGPoker’s regular schedule is the main event of Super Million$ Week, the festival that bears its own name. Five wallet-full outfits are guaranteed thanks to the participation of 776 players .

For this particular edition, GGPoker has looked for an equally good commentator, Daniel Cates , who will be able to comment on the matches of Pedro Gragnani, Simon Mattson, Joao Vieira or the Spanish high stakes player, our all-rounder Ignacio . idiot .

As we expected in yesterday’s draft game script, Pedro Garagnani was going to abuse his stack as long as short stacks Joao Vieira and Ivan Deyra remained at the table.

Best of all for us, Nacho Morón was knocked out twice, but our joy was shattered by two rather cruel hands. In the only hand where Ignacio could start with JJ, Nino Ullman reraised all-in with KK, then Garagnani tried to steal with 84s, and the Spaniard called with KQ.

An all-out rage resulted in $250,000 , not bad even for five cases for his usual level of Nacho.

Garagnani was about to end his monologue, but he missed the biggest bluff of the match, allowing Ukraine’s Luybovetsky to take first place. The Brazilian continued to drop in chips until he found himself third in a trio against Luybovetsky and Tomas Jozonis .

Fortunately, Garagnani hit the crucial strike against the Ukrainian and was singled out with his own benefactor. The second prize is already the largest Pedro has ever won in a poker tournament, and it must have been a consolation when Lyubovetsky flopped a triple flop after Pedro called an all-in with top pair .

  1. Andrey Lyubovitsky $1,184,696.
  2. Pedro Galagnani $913,902
  3. “CoronaMyAss” by Tomas Jozoni $705,145
  4. Nino Ullmann “Babsi3000” $544,171
  5. Duco Ten Haven $420,044
  6. Simon Matteson $324,328
  7. Ignacio Moren $250,521
  8. Joao Vieira $193,608
  9. Ivan Deyra “ReCreatineMood” – $149,722


  • This text appears to be a recap or summary of a poker tournament, specifically the main event of Super Million$ Week on GGPoker. It mentions various players, their actions, and the final prize amounts they won.

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