The first actions you must conduct in Bodog

The first actions you must conduct at Bodog

New gamers to the game may participate in tournaments designed just for them at Bodog. There are more paid tickets available for less money. Have a look at them here.

New poker players often have no idea what a lengthy and arduous journey it takes to make it as a professional player. Yet, if one makes a decent beginning, more players will attempt it and not give up at the first difficulty they encounter. That’s why Bodog developed the Sit & Go Newbie in the first place.

All the standard SNG features are included in these games, but the paytable is adjusted to favor newcomers so as to increase participation. While it’s always nice to watch the bankroll rise, the rewards are naturally smaller than in a standard Sit & Go.

With Beginner, new players may take their initial steps confidently and build a larger bankroll before moving on to Bodog’s other SNGs, which you can learn more about below.


Qualifying events let players to enter larger tournaments with a reduced financial commitment.


This is a faster-paced competition than the average speed tournament. The time it takes for the lights to come on will decrease, and the anticipation will rise. Multi-tabling in this format looks fantastic, too.

For further effect, double this:

The proverbial “fifty-fifty” split. Ten people sit down at a table, but only five of them will leave with some cash if they’ve scored. Avoiding elimination is key to double your money in this competition.

Triple Play:

Similar to the last one, but just a third of participants will need to invest three times as much to win.

Turbo Charged:

These Sit & Go tournaments are Bodog’s quickest options. This event is ideal if you’re short on time yet still want to compete.

Warn You:

A head-to-head confrontation is the pinnacle of drama. Here, not only does money matter, but so does honor.

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