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Omaha is widely recognized as the second most played poker variant. PLO is the most popular and rapidly expanding format because a simple increase of pocket cards makes the game more exciting. We’ll go into the question of where you can play the original, 4-card Omaha at the finest poker venues.

Where to play Omaha (PLO) poker online in 2022

Omaha Poker Rooms

The standard 4-card high Omaha (PLO) tables may be seen in the lobby of each contemporary poker establishment. So here’s how we divide up the available traffic among them:


When it comes to PLO4 traffic, Pokerok is far and by the most popular site in the globe.

Ranges from PLO2$ to PLO80K$, so there’s something for everyone.

Beginner Asians.

There are two tournaments held every day: the $20,000 Omaha Daily Leaderboard for standard tables and the $25,000 Rush and Cash Leaderboard for fast poker tables. Omaha gamers can’t find any other poker site that consistently offers bonuses.

There was steady foot traffic all day.

Play 5 limits of fast poker (Rush&Cash) up to PLO200.

Fast poker tables have a connection count of *in brackets.

In addition, there are plenty of 5-card Omaha games to choose from. PokerOK justifiably earns the title as top PLO5 room.

We must, however, not overlook the fact that PLO has certain drawbacks. If the amount of the pot is higher than 25B, rake is collected preflop. The second is the option to purchase 10B instead of the whole 100B.

Poker Network, iPoker

Omaha cash games on iPoker have seen a significant increase in visitors recently. All PLO limits are currently being reached by the following number of active tables during peak hours:

In other words, iPoker skins up to and including PLO200$ give a decent lot of activity, and you can always use any other site mentioned in this post to get your hands on them.

Omaha players will benefit greatly from our rakeback package, which typically has a set amount and returns 30-35% of genuine rake. Furthermore, there are no limitations to using the HUD when playing at the tables.

You can only see who you’re going to play against if you put a blind bet (BB), and you can only go into a sitout at all tables at once, which may be an issue for Omaha players who are accustomed to more deliberate table selection.

Winning Network

Omaha players have a lot of reasons to take an interest in the American WPN:

The busiest times are late at night, when their rivals are sleeping.

Depending on your loyalty level, you may earn anywhere from 12% rakeback to 65% rakeback, or a flat 27%.

At the tables, there is a HUD.

It’s interesting to note that only around 5-10 tables take in money at PLO25, with the majority of the action happening at PLO100 and PLO400-600.

Fans of network experiments in Winning PLO4 may roll, and regulars at 9-max 7 Day No Rathole can buy in for 10 BB and return to the table any time throughout the week with the same stack as they left with. This format’s upper bound is $PLO40K.

WPN rooms have a smaller variety of games and players only learn their opponents’ screen identities after they’ve placed a BB bet, so regulators should keep that in mind.

Chico Network

Chico is another American-centric network. True, there is no rakeback of any kind, but the PLO field is far easier.

Only at the PLO10$ level can you find as many as 10 tables (some of which are always played using High-low rules).

Programmable Poker Devices

Although the finest mobile poker casinos provide all the benefits of the best traditional Omaha rooms (field, decent rakeback, and HUD support), 4-card Omaha is losing popularity in this region as players here increasingly choose receiving more cards in preflop. The greatest roums for the game of 6-card Omaha may be traced back to the game’s many practical uses.

For more experienced players, we suggest moving to PLO poker apps because to the app’s distinctive transaction system, club system, and gaming client, while newbies to poker should focus on the TOP 1 among the finest poker sites to play Omaha.


After abandoning the Russian market, the formerly dominant player in online poker is now facing difficult circumstances. The situation in Omaha’s traffic is the worse.

Zoom Omaha games up to PLO100$ are Pokerstars’ solitary bright spot.


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