Unfortunately for Triton Series Vietnam’s Adrian Mateos, he pops his third and final bubble.

Our top tournament player has settled into a routine in Vietnam that is less than ideal.

While he seldom bags a significant quantity of chips, he is often one of the last to depart the tournament area. To win awards, he’ll have to compete against a group in the morning when amateurs and local professionals don’t have a chance. But, after being knocked out, he notices that the Triton Poker Series is still drawing a large crowd, so he registers for another event and plays his way through every level until he is once again among the players who leave the tournament area.

Kind of a reoccurring day for him, since he has been on the short stack for three of the festival’s five bubbles and has won two tournaments so far.

The first time Amadi went to the cashier was in the second event, the $15k (14th, $39,900), and the second time was only yesterday, when he verified his second cash in the $30k (18th, $64,600). As of this morning, he was back in the $50k tournament’s hunt, but chipleader Linus Loeliger paid him an all-in between two aces that didn’t match. The Swiss folded, and his 8 in the kicker round bested Adri’s 5.

This $50,000 event was the fifth in a festival that has already broken the record for the biggest field in circuit history. During this fifth installment, the buy-in has already doubled compared to the first Super Million$, and it hasn’t dropped below 139 participants since. This is incredible in every way.

This increased interest in High Rollers may be attributed to a number of sources.

For the first time since the 2019 Triton Series stop in Jeju, South Korea, the competition will be held in Asia. We’ll term them “locals” since they’re from Malaysia, Thailand, China, and other nearby nations, although it appears like there are a lot of gamers from all over the world converging on that region.

An additional boon to the festival is the sudden influx of GGPoker players and other online poker enthusiasts who have made the transition to land-based casinos after the flu epidemic subsided.

For instance, Dutchman Jans Arends “Graftekkel” is a regular at the Asian operator’s most costly events despite having played in just one $25k live tournament before to making waves in the two EPTs in Prague that year. After finishing second behind Nacho Barbero in the $15k ($406,000) and first in the $30k ($171 players; 1st, $921,178) in his first two tournaments at the Tritons, he is already one of the week’s major players.

Fifth Happening (There Was No Fourth One) NLHE $30k

The Netherlands’ Jans Arends was awarded $921,178*.

Malaysian Kiat Lee was awarded $851,932*.

Money: $766,890* for American Jonathan Jaffe.

The United States of America’s Brian Kim was awarded $441,000.

US citizen Seth Davies earned $353,700.

$275,000 for Biao Ding of China

British citizen Oscar Brodkin was awarded the sum of $203,000.

$149K for Canadian Daniel Dvoress’s (*) Dvoress

Joint venture between three parties

Final thought: GGPoker’s Super Million$ qualifiers and other promotions built around these Triton Series should not be underestimated in terms of their impact. President of America’s Card Room Philip Nagy has provided his professional poker team and streamers with $100,000 buy-in packages to participate in the opening tournaments of the festival.

Despite being a recipient of this program, Ana Márquez has yet to win a prize in any of the four events she’s entered and is thus now not participating in the $75,000 tournament.

Monika Zukowicz “HeyMonia,” another player, also competed in the Mystery Bounty $20k tournament, but British streamer Mark Rubbathan emerged victorious from a field of 179 competitors.

Prize pool for the third NLHE Mystery Bounty Event is $30,000.

Prize money of $396k went to Mark Rubbathan of the UK.

The Polish national, Wiktor Malinowski, was awarded $268,000 in money.

Malaysian Victor Chong received $184,000

Canadian resident Daniel Dvoress received $150,400.

A sum of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars was awarded to Calvin Tan (Malaysia).

92,000 USD to the Lithuanian athlete Gytis Lazaouninkas.

$67,000 for João Vieira of Portugal.

Adams, Timothy (Canada) – $48,500

For his efforts, Rubbathan was awarded $400,000, plus an additional $240,000 in rewards. Orpen Kisacikoglu, who was playing a split tenth with Timothy Adams in this bizarre parody of the Christmas Lottery exchanges, won the $250,000 secret prize.

To claim the $250,000 prize, how many tokens do you need to buy? I guarantee you, @OrpTheTurk, we will learn! #tritonpoker#poker#mysterybountypic.twitter.com/klmoDcWSXr

Post by Triton Poker (@tritonpoker) dated March 4, 2023

The cost of playing poker in Vietnam is rising rapidly. We’ve been wondering since last Friday, and getting a deafening reaction at the Triton Series Vietnam thus far, whether the Hoiana Resort’s $75,000 price tag would be enough to slow the influx of tourists. A fresh table, please, dealers.

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