VBET Poker is seeking Brazilian market representatives.

VBET is a multi-platform gambling firm whose portfolio includes poker. Having been in business for almost 20 years and operating in over 120 countries, VBET has shifted its focus to the South American market, namely Brazil.

To provide a service that matches the high standards of the Brazilian market, VBET recognizes the need of direct touch with the local populace. Thus, the organization is seeking poker team ambassadors. Not necessarily mad grinders with excessive winnings, but communicative players who positively influence and affect the poker community and who, above all, have an undying passion for poker.

VBET might be your new home if you have what it takes to be a part of this transition. Contact the marketing department of the firm through Instagram (@vbet br).


  • This text highlights VBET, a gambling firm with a focus on the Brazilian market, looking for poker team ambassadors who can positively influence the poker community. They are seeking communicative players with a passion for poker to join their organization.

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