Where to play MTTs at 2022’s top poker clubs

In poker tournaments, as opposed to cash games, the pot may grow by hundreds or even thousands of times the initial investment. The number of tournaments has expanded by a factor of ten since the introduction of online poker, and now players may compete for prize pools in the millions of dollars. Yet, different poker rooms host tournaments at different times. Find out in this post which sites are the finest for MTT play.

Poker Tournament Venues of 2022

Best Multi-Table Tournament Poker Rooms

The popularity of poker tournaments has increased dramatically since 2003, when Chris Manimaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event by winning an online satellite. Since then, poker clubs have competed with one another to provide the most exciting tournaments in an effort to draw the greatest number of poker enthusiasts. Now that millions of dollars are at stake in the largest online tournaments, players of all skill levels and bankroll sizes may find a matchless multi-table tournament (MTT) experience.

Similarly, each tournament room’s lobby has its own unique “face,” making it difficult for even seasoned players to decipher at first glance. There are three primary considerations to evaluate while deciding on the best poker room for MTT play:

Volume (number of tournaments and their distribution throughout the day) (number of tournaments and their distribution during the day).

Variety (availability of various formats in the lobby) (availability of certain formats in the lobby).

Bonuses (leaderboards, overlays, rakeback) (leaderboards, overlays, rakeback).

However, the vast majority of today’s MTT users have shifted their focus to multirumbling, rather than restricting their downloads to a single source.

Included here are the TOP-5 best roums for multi-table tournaments, along with some basic information on the fundamental kinds of MTT and aspects of their schedules.


For Multi-Table Tournament players of any stake, this is the only viable option. In addition, the WSOP (World Series of Poker) organizers have selected the GG Network as the platform for its worldwide tournaments.

The local competition schedule has several interesting elements:

Throughout the day, when most other sites have no tournaments going on, this one becomes quite busy.

Short-deck and Omaha tournaments with a buy-in.

Several MTT worth $100 or more.


The client’s betting system allows for the purchase and sale of stakes.

Satellites to tournaments with substantial prize pools.

Each month, Pokeroque plays home to a number of prestigious events, including the WSOP Online, Battle of Malta, Omaholic Series, Short Deck Series, Super Millions Week, GGSOP, APL, and more. Total guarantees might be anything from $1M and $100M.

Known as PokerKing.

The most popular American-friendly venue often rotates its MTT grid. A new version was introduced in April of 2022. All tournament guarantees have now topped $12,000,000 per week since then.

Very helpful for:

After European midnight, loading will begin.

Interested in finding Omaha High-low (PLO8) and 7-card Stud poker events.

Favors in-depth gatherings where registration is open until 5 p.m.

HUD for poker tournaments.

Interested in buying and selling stakes (Staking tab located in the main lobby and each event lobby).

The Venom $10M GTD is the biggest regular event hosted by the Winning network. They also host unique multi-day festivals featuring a swarm of flits. There are 35 Day 1 events happening all week long, with the major one being the Million Dollar Sundays with a $1,000,000 GTD for $265 on Sundays.

This is the RedStar Poker.

During the last several years, the iPoker network has been working to “bring” its tournament grid up to par with those of its rivals. The number of occurrences is rather low, and the odds of their happening are low.

Nonetheless, Redstar has a good chance of being one of the most popular MTT poker sites if you:

Europeans should begin their gaming sessions in the evening.

Participate in tournaments with €50 buy-ins.

Be wary with monetary wagers.

Favor 6-max structures and bounty tournaments.

Variable Length is a feature of iPoker events in which the pace of increase of the blinds slows down during the course of the game. This format is typical of almost any occurrence.

The largest Sunday event, the €30K GTD Big Weekly for €30, has a complex structure spanning many days and has numerous flits. Two or three times a year, there will be a series with hundreds of events and bigger payouts.

Tiger betting.

Although both King’s and the network’s main room, Chico, accept players from the United States, there are significant differences between the two when it comes to tournament poker.

Midnight is when the “density” of tournament starts increases, and more guarantees are offered.

The great majority of tournaments have entry fees of $55 or less.

The list size might be somewhere between 50 and 500 items long.

That is to say, frequent MTTs in this room do not guarantee more than $30,000, therefore it’s best suited for players who are OK with smaller tournaments with easier competition.

Each week at 22:00 local time in Moscow, the Main Event $150K for $109 gets underway.


The poker tournament schedule at the rouble is set out differently than at other establishments. For instance, the only thing it has in common with RedStar is that a lot of events take place in Moscow between the hours of 19 and 24 at night.

Other fundamental distinctions exist:

The multi-bounty structure is the most common one. Knockout tournaments featuring a generous rebuy window and multiplier of three.

The typical buy-in for an MTT Hold’em tournament is between 100 and 1,000 rubles. There are almost 30 of them being played daily.

There is a daily special competition in addition to the weekly Bogatyr League and monthly Magnificent Eight leaderboards.

There are daily BI tournaments for under-20 Chinese poker players with prizes of up to 50,000 yuan. Omaha in 5, 6, 7, and Shordec configurations are also quite uncommon.

On Sunday, the main event is the 500,000 GTD Ivan the Tsarevich for $3,000. The guarantees of local series events are far higher than those of standard tournaments, but the late registration periods are much longer. Major events include the Russian Online Poker League (ROPL), the Russian Online Poker Championship, Turbomania, and the Global Cup of Internet Poker (GCOOP). MTT Varieties

As the player enters the lobby of any given room, they are exposed to events of a wide variety of styles and forms. Finding one’s way among them requires an understanding of the criteria upon which they were built.

Number of Submissions

Freesauts are tournaments in which the participant is granted one free entry and a predetermined quantity of chips. He is now “out” of the competition after losing them.

If your chip stack has been reduced or is now totally gone, you may enter a “rebound,” where you will be given the opportunity to purchase more chips during the late entrance time. Halftime is the last chance for players to rebuy and add on.

Add-ons are unavailable in re-entry games, and it is only possible to add to the stack after it has been depleted.

A player may make several simultaneous entries into a single MTT and play at many tables at once until the buying time ends in a particular kind of tournament known as a “Multi-Entry” tournament. After the buy-in time ends, all players’ chips go into a single communal pile at a single table.

Rate of Increase of Window Coverings:

Super turbo, with blinds increasing as fast as every three minutes.

Quick blinds, up to 5 minutes in length.

Typical – with more drawn-out episodes.

All-ins are made automatically every time a player has a stack less than the blinds, which is the case in flips. These tournaments are really automated play for additional points.

Contests with a 100% Win Rate

The potential to win many times the buy-in in a single tournament is a major selling point of multi-table tournaments. Players are enticed to join these tournaments by the “guarantee,” or announced amount, of money up for grabs. The name nearly typically includes a reference to its size.

Site operators often guarantee an amount more than the buy-in (minus rake) for popular tournaments, therefore the announced prize pool typically exceeds the buy-in.

On very rare occasions (often within certain series), certain MTTs fail to attract enough players to meet the guarantee. When this occurs, players often refer to overlay, which is the difference between actual and stated awards and is covered by the room. Participating in events like this may improve an individual’s quality of life.

Bounty Hunting Competitions

In these MTTs, the “heads” of eliminated players are paid for with a percentage of the prize pool. One half of the buy-in goes into the prize pool and the other half goes to the player who scored the “knockout.” This is the traditional setup for tournaments of this kind.

Tournaments featuring a knockout round are the most well-liked kind (PKO). One portion of the reward is credited to the player who scored the knockout, while the other portion is given out instantly. So, the higher a player is in the chip count, the more money may be offered for his elimination.

Recently, the most up-to-date edition of these events, originally developed for live poker, made its way online. “Mystery Bounty” is the name given to them. There are two stages to each of these events, and the reward is only given at the end. These are given away randomly in the last round following each knockout and range in value from 0.5 BI to 1,000 BI.

Games that span many days

Roums often host multi-day flagship events with massive prize pools to entice players. Several Flights make up each Main Event (Day 1).

Time limits or a predetermined number of survivors at each table determine when they end. They will all have their chips from Day 1 carried over to Day 2, and they will all get at least the stipulated amount.


Not every player can afford to pay the full entry fee at high-stakes tournaments. As a result, we devised qualifying events just for them, where tickets to the main event were picked for a reduced reward.

If the satellites “stack” in a straight line. The latter are middle-level competitions where entry passes to even more satellites are awarded as rewards. As a result, you may occasionally win a seat in a tournament that requires a several thousand dollar buy-in by participating in a freeroll.

Tournament qualifiers are a subset of satellites. Full packages, which often include airfare and a hotel stay in addition to the tournament entry fee, are sometimes played all at once in these games. In this sense, internet poker contributes to the growth of its land-based counterpart.

Poker rooms are constantly looking to improve, so naturally they are experimenting with new tournament formats and combining existing ones. Whenever you come across an MTT on the client, it’s important to pay close attention to the tournament’s description and the symbols it employs in its list of tournaments.


If you are a Russian MTT player, you are not confined to the poker sites we’ve listed below. Grompoker and other large poker apps (PPPoker, PokerBros) may be installed, along with a few extra rooms, but will only slightly increase the daily download.

Even if you’re more of an Omaha than a Hold’em player, you’ll be able to fit in all of your tournaments using the finest MTT roums from this post.


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