With 35 more spots up for grabs, Day 1B leaves Cristian Franco in the driver’s seat.

Day 1B saw greater action at the Winamax Poker Tour Grand Final, which was to be anticipated. The data bears this out: the 218 entries from today add up to 337 from yesterday. With the additional 45 submissions from day 1C turbo, from which 8 qualified, we could easily have over 1,000 participants.

A Coruan named Cristian Franco finished the day with 702 points, making him the leader. Three players were eliminated at once, causing the bubble to burst, and leaving 35 players still in the tournament. The 35 qualifying piles look like this:

Cristian Franco 702,000 points.

Mantas Zobiela 570,000.

Kevin Ferrer 553,000.

Gremillon Moxenca 537,000.

Antonio Diéguez 521,000.

Iban Cortázar 465,000.

George Chiriac 440,000.

Christopher Marcodet 437,000.

Guillermo Gordo 416,000.

David Gran 05,000.

Emilio Navarro 401,000.

Alain Lenmann 352,000.

Ignacio Grao 333,000.

Alvaro Alvarez 322,000.

Mario Rodriguez 321,000.

Jorge García 302,000.

Ramon Fernandez 261,000.

Oscar Gironella 260,000.

Bruno Pombo 258,000.

Baptiste Bensadi 256,000.

Gabriel Corral 252,000.

Mario Avila 249,000.

Telusca Dmal 237,000.

Enrique Lago 235,000.

Paulo Simoes 216,000.

Leo Margets 213,000.

Pablo Alvear 183,000.

Benjamin Garcia 169,000.

Sergii Sakhanov 147,000.

Naegel Esteban 142,000.

Andre Dias 87,000.

Franchi Malcom 87,000.

José Benedí 84,000.

Cesar Seco 78,000.

Raul Gordo 60,000.

Leo Margets was on excellent terms when he departed Team Pro.

The Winamax Poker Tour final standings are shown below. Just go ahead and tap this link.

The final table of the Battle Royal was played yesterday, and José Salazar “tiosala” (€5,500) emerged victorious.

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